Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentino Rossi Day

Eh hari ni hari Valentines la…sungguh tak perasan

bila dengar kat radio Era baru perasan diorang sibuk2 cakap hari ni hari Valentino Rossi.

Malaysia sekarang dah banyak improve.. Kalu tahun-tahun dulu iklan Valentine’s Day sana sini, tapi tahun ni…senyap je kan..

Ade jugakla, tapi tak sehebat macam tahun lepas

Syabas! Kita as muslim tak payah la celebrate Valantine’s day.

Tapi ada juga yang celebrate sempena marriage anniversary..That one takpe la kan, cume nya I rase during Valentine’s day a bouquet of flower mahal sikit dari hari biasa. Kesian sang Arjuna kene kuar duit lebih sikit, hehehe.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The confession of emotional

Kisah makcik jugak, tapi bukan makcik entry bawah ni,

Makcik ni, santun nya elok, peri nya elok, raut nya pun elok..

Dalam pada semua nya elok, terdapat satu cela nya,

Dalam kata-katanya penuh dengan dusta, mungkin tidak sepenuhnya, namun dia menipu terang-terangan.

Macam kamera litar tertutup yang merakamkan kejadian mencuri di pasaraya. Si pencuri tidak tahu, tapi kita yang

disebalik tabir kamera menjadi saksi atas kecurian tersebut.  Macam tu lah daku menjadi saksi ketika dia berdusta.

Kesimpulan nya, hormat ku terhadap makcik ni, berkurangan sedikit. Bila terkenang, pathetic jadinya

Emo plak hari ni, eh bukan hari ni, hari tu lagi..sudah lah, selamat tinggal emo! kuasa nk layan emo2 ni.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


Ada makcik tu, berbual-bual la kami...bla bla bla, sekali  keluar perkataan tempelary or tempelery.
Makcik tu sebut.

I believe tempelery yang dia maksudkan tu adalah 'sementara'
makcik tu confident habes guna word 'tempelery'

Nak tanya takde kan perkataan tempelery dalam dictionary?
I tried search, tapi takde...

So should I correct her? Its 'temporary' makcik....miahaha...oh my god diva nya aku

Dulu masa keje part time kat klinik gigi pun sama, kakak yg keje sama ckp tempelery
Dia nak ckp tampalan sementara dia cakap macam ni 'tempelary filling', time tu baru lepas matrix, confius I,
tempelery??? time tu ohhhhh je la...

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Morib Gold Coast

I went to Morib Gold Coast over the weekend with my sister, niece n nephew and my mom. It was my sis’s company trip and as usual husbands are not allowed to join this so-called fun-fun event.

Hehe, is not like that, I noticed that my BIL is an introvert + passive + not out going kinda person. He don’t likes to participate this kind of thing, meeting new people, get together thingy, but I noticed he likes fishing. So he usually will not joining the trip and that’s why I had to be the one who accompany my sis every time there was a company trip. Btw I left my hubby as well, is like gals outing la…except my nephew. Our kumbang in the taman.

If you plan to have a vacation at Morib Gold Coast, I would suggest you to purchase a coupon/voucher online, mcm groupon ke, mydeal ke..But if you straight away call and book, the rate would be slightly expensive. Normally the packages come with hotel accommodation, water theme park ticket and breakfast.

Since I joined my sis company trip, I do not keen to know how much she had paid.hehee…evil tak..We got ourselves Studio suite(2 single bed) with a private bath and Jacuzzi. To me the room ok, very comfy and quite spacious which can accommodate 5 of us. The only thing we forgot was that to bring extra toto /comforter. And that nite my sis tido bawah beralaskan comforter hotel (I admit im bad but she volunteer herself nk tido bwh).....So far my review about the room, 3/5. Less 2 point because the Jacuzzi tak best as the water speed quite slow. Plus ada bau smelly sikit air dia when turn on air panas. Telephone and fan also not functioning well. But no worries, the room equipped with air-cond. However, the kiddies were so much happy and enjoy. Menggeletis mandi dalam Jacuzzi tab tu.

Water theme park

I spotted the rate RM35 for adult and RM20 for children. Mcm not worth it je kan kalu walk in dtg morib semata2 mandi kat situ. Better buy the package. I think they offer this rate to those yang bought the package tapi ade extra headcount ke kan. My review about the water theme park…….2/5 kot….eh eh..3/5 la rasanya as an adult punya review. Kalau tanye my nephew, confirm dia ckp 10 bintang! Nephew and niece had fun to the maximum. Yang thrill slide ada satu je, yang lain-lain punye slide biasa-biasa je. My nephew who aged 5 y.o naik sume slide except slide yang quite thrill la to me. So kalu bayar rm35 mcm tak worth it je rasa. Anyhow, from my observation, parents yang ada anak between aged 1 y.o ~ 14 y.o, will absolutely having fun and this place is joyful and suitable for them. At every part of pool or slide will have one or two life guard. For safety reason, life guard ni will blow the whistle if someone panjat slide bertentangan, duduk cegat depan slide, panjat kat semak ke..ok la part safety tu. They have done a very good job.

Oh ya message to all guys, don't ever wear a swimming trunk when you were here. You will be the attention among the crowd if you wearing that piece. I believe the malay guys won't do that. But chinese guy, oh yea I saw one. I don't want to see, trying refrain myself from looking at him somehow he caught my eyes. What to do...hahaha


Dinner??hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tak sedap la… Tak kene dengan tekak, Review…2/3


Breakfast, 3/5… I only enjoy fried wedges. Wah…sombongnya aku, pasal makan pun nak komplen.Astaghfirullahalazim