Monday, 30 December 2013

My new gadget

My current obsession with this little baby. STeam iron by phillips. Now I don't have to send my baju kurung aka office atire to laudry for ironing anymoore. 

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Air Asia vs Malindo Air

I just now purchased 2 air fare tickets with different low cost budget airline. First I purchased tickets frm Air Asia. As usual I need top up RM25 for 15KG luggage back to KL. And then when I choose to pay direct debit payment, there was a processing fees of RM4 per payment. (This is new. Last time I did a review paying via direct debit is worth than using C.Card - no charge when u opt direct debit method of payment) Extra 29 ringgit I need to spend more. To me itu perkara biasa lah dengan Air Asia ni.
After the payment was successful, I don't know why suddenly I thought about Malindo Air..I feel like I want to make a comparison with the destination that I choose just now. Hellooo...Malindo Air is giving a super deal at this moment...without hesitation, I straight away sign up myself as Malindo air customer. Their super deal was great. The air fare ticket inclusive of 15Kg luggage and the best part also is free inflight entertainment. If umur panjang, this will be my first time travelling by Malindo Air. So guys, do peep Malindo Air website and grab yourself one or two local destination fly in 2014.Oh ya, not forget to mention I got RM2 off coz using CIMB c.card payment. Initially I wanted to pay using direct debit coz dlm otak ni dah set if guna c.card, sure kene extra attempt to pay using direct debit, it was failed due to my saving is not available at this moment (1am) i guess they are doing some kind of UAT...maybe la..previously I buat txn at this kind of time bole aje. So bck to my story, if u use cimb click, you will also get RM2 off. and CIMB credit card as well you entitled rm2 off.

yay for Malindo Air

ps: ok hubby, now your turn for the Hotel. I'm broke now. hehe

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Muzik Muzik 2013

oh yea...I'm not satisfied with the result round. Kenapa lagu Aizat featuring Yuna Dwihati tak masuk...

That song is sooo beautiful..I tell you that song gonna be legend as lagend P.ramli's song. I don't understand why the judges  so biol tak pilih lagu tu..

here the list lagu yang aku rase tak patut masuk AJL

Kumpulan Salam..
Aizat and Noh
Azlan and the typewritter

well actually why male singer or male band mendominasi the competition..Mane female singer?
Jac and Stacey aku tak bape nk berkenan la...layan najwa latip je la nanti..nasib baik lagu Sahabat tu sedap..

3D2N stay at KPJ Kajang

I think one of the reason for not having the baby after 3 years marriage is due to finding of endometriosis cyst in my left ovary. Before i was diagnosed having an ovarian cyst, I came to see the doctor because of my back ache and the pain down to the legs. I suspect I had back bone complication, but doc not able to determine that coz I never had any accident or injury due to fell. So he suggested and refer me to the gynecologist to check further. He asked me which hospital you want to go? I reply him which gyne is good? and then he said every gyne is good..hehe, without hesitation, he suggested me to see Dr Rasliza from KPJ Kajang.

During the appointment, after I explained the symptoms doc proceed with the examination by doing vaginal sonography. Frm the screen, doc suspected I had endometriosis cyst for about 3 cm. Still small. Doc explained there are many option to cure the illness.One of it to undergo laparoscopic surgery. At the same time, I ask doc's opinion what should I do. If I choose to prescribe the medicine, it will not increase chances for me to conceive. For me, at this moment, I wanted to have a baby. Hence, i choose to undergo laparoscopy surgery to remove the cyst and ensure my ovary is healthy so that it can produce eggs.

This is my first time ever undergo the surgery. From doctor's perspective, it just a minor surgery. but for me for the first timer, it's quite a major surgery. Looking the operation utensil, big screen, 6 ovul lamps on top of me, heart beat machine..hey that major operation dude. fyi I salute KPJ Kajang services, They have a checklist by ensuring the whole procedure goes smoothly and not even a steps could missed. Dr Salleh is an anesthetic doc for the day. Know what, seeing dr salleh treated me, reminiscing me to the old series of ER during my high school time. Kinda gila2 and happy go lucky punya doc dan juge handsome..huahuahua. Unlike Dr Rasliza, she is more to a doctor's personalities. DrSalleh given me a gas and when i closed my eyes, everything goes dark. Juz like in TV drama, in just a blink, i was conscious on my bed and right after that there come the pain part. Tuhan saja yang tahu sakitnya mcm mane. i was understood the procedure took abt 2 hours time and I wonder how they lifted me from the O.T room bed to the room 321 bed. Berat kot aku ni.

Now at 11 days after the operation, so far i guess I'm healthy and able to do the house chores and drive the car. I'm so comfortable staying at home the feeling is so serene and peaceful without thinking of office work. 21 days off is not enough. Am gonna miss this feeling.huhu...will be back to office by nxt week..damn i so not ready to go to office...Staying at home is fun actually coz rumahku is wei dok umah. then layan Food Network Channel. Layannn abes..

Ya Allah ya tuhanku,kurniakanlah aku dan suamiku cahaya mata yang comel untuk menyambung zuriat keluarga kami. Amin ya rabbal aalamin

Friday, 25 October 2013

Resepi agar-agar OREO

i did google agar2 oreo..and mostly they are same recipe from one blog to the other blog..i tried to search recipe that my sil shared with me, but couldnt find let me share here for you to try...i did improvised it to my liking..

agar-agar paket 10g
400 ml full milk or 400 ml susu cair
ice cream vanilla
telur satu biji
esen vanila
air 900ml
oreo satu paket

how to make? so simple my dear...

boil the agar2 with the sugar....the sugar is up to you...if you like sweet then put more, I put 1 cup of sugar
then...using blender, pour 400ml fresh milk OR 400ml susu cair...either one kay...if kat rumah ada susu kotak gune susu kotak, kalu ade susu cair bole gune susu cair..., then  masuk telur 1 biji, ais krim vanilla, esen vanilla...blend all this, lagi byk ais krim lagi sedap..but me put about 3 big scoop of ais krim...then pour it into the boiling agar2....tutup api kacau.....

and the essence ingredient  of coz oreo, patah2kan...campak dalam acuan empat segi ke, tupperware ke,alumium foil ke, bekas kaca ke...which ever u like, masukkan agar2 yg dah masak tadi into the bekas yg ada oreo tu..done, dah sejuk sikit bole masuk peti ais...this is suke2 hatilah punye can actualy improvise it.. just be creative...

thats it.. sorry no picca...
sebab agar2 dah selamat abes..baru nk up recipe...

anyway, lama tak update coz myself is busy the bee... 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Juz Rambling

I get easily piss off lately to a small thing that actualy I can tolerate. Now lets blame the hormone, I guess I'm embracing the pre menstrual syndrome now. All of sudden I felt that what ever I did for them they take it for granted. Being ignored and totally feeling less important in this world. Its about time managment people. wake up!

My last Friday activity.

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Thursday, 6 June 2013


My current obsession..

It's very hard to find this item on sale. I got this at RM3 per cans at Sogo.
I asked my dearly ex colleague coz her office juz next to sogo, to find out the price and co incidently they having it on promotion.
Normaly the price range between RM4.20 - RM4.50. So apa lagi, borong and buat stok until raya.
Frankly, we will not having pasta dish everyday, boring kot makan selalu, but possibly will serve to our guest during raya festive.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Frozen foods

Salah satu perkara yang membuatkan saya bahagia adalah shopping barangan dapur (salah satunya la,). Saya suka pergi hypermakrket. Be it Tesco, Carefour , Giant or Mydin. Ambik-masuk troli, ambik-masuk troli..Bahagia...duit pun bahagia keluar...hehehe..

Bila tiba di tempat frozen, benda wajib yang akan diambil adalah chicken nugget. Ok dulu saya akan ambik nugget Ayamas. Ayamas kan popular sbb chef Wan asik dok promote kan. So produk pilihan adalah Ayamas la. Namun ada satu ketika tu, nugget ayam yang dibeli tu mcm dah tak rasa mcm selalu saya beli. isi dia macam kosong sikit daripada biasa. Dan salutan dia pun dah tak crunchy bile lps goreng. Kebetulan ada la pulak keluar statement akhbar Ayamas ada campuran bahan kimia. (something like that la) Since that dah tawar hati dengan nugget Ayamas. Dan akhir nya saya beralih ke produk Ramly. Nugget ayam tempura dia mmg terbaik. Kalu beli di hypermarket harga dia mcm mahal sikit berbanding Ayamas. Sbg pengguna bijak, saya beli di kedai Ramly Mart. Haaa, kat Bangi ada satu kedai Ramly, dan tanpa berlengah saya dapatkan kad ahli Ramly, Sbb kalau jadi ahli bole dpt harga murah berbanding harga runcit. Dan juga saya nk sokong produk bumiputra. Bukan nya produk Ayamas tak elok...cume chicken nugget je dah tak sedap...yg lelain masih sedap lagi mcm frankfurter .

Disebabkan saya ada kad Ramly, jadi pilihan lain seperti wedges, fries, chicken meat ball, burger saya shopping je di kedai Ramly mart aje.

Hopefully, stok frozen food saya ni bertahanla sampai ke bulan puasa. Now bila tgk byk stok mknan rajin pulak rasa nak memasak.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Home Alone

Mase belom kawen, kalau kene home alone tak kisah. Malah suka. Tgk TV takde org kacau pun.tak payah nak rebut2 remote control. Kan.

Tapi now am home alone. HATE IT.. dah jam 11pm, husband tak balik lagi...sigh~
takut sebenarnya...takut ada HAN_ _..Benci tau bila terdgr bunyi tu la bunyi ni la...sbb fikiran trus melalut fikir benda bukan2. Sbb benda yg bukan2 tu actually happened kat rumah my SIL. just a few block frm here. Kot2 la dia dtg kat rumah ni kan.....menci tau....tgk tu, kat tingkap dh ade sedikit bunyi....

terpaksa berckp dgn belog sendiri. huhu...konon2 tak dgr bunyi ape2. now Astro OASIS jadi peneman.
~syg tolong la balik cepat....tak mandi lagi...nak mandi, tapi takut nak masuk bilik air.~

indah nya kalau ada baby. bole jadi peneman..

Monday, 20 May 2013

My Saturday outing 002

well, the outing is always about wedding. If not, I like to stay  at home doing the house chores. Sementara tunggu my laundry done, just a quick update about my second cousin's wedding. The venue at Dewan Gemilang, Kelana Jaya. Majlis resepsi adalah sebelah mlm. Since our place is quite far from KJ, we moved frm here about 6.30pm and magrib dekat sana. Just afraid of the bad traffic can cause us late.Oh ya, the wedding ade dress code: Black n white. What?? Sebelum ni, kalu pergi wedding, suka hati la nak pakai bj ape kan..sekali yg ni ade dress code. What I can think of, Jubah Hitam je lah. Tapi takpe, my jubah very comfy n feeling arab2 gitu. Sekali sampai sana...hmmmm ade je yg tak ikut theme...

Husband n I are really envy to this family. We like to see the bonding among their family. very closed, unite and caring each other. Ada 5 adik beradik. Semua nya lelaki. Respect to his mom. mcm mane la jaga 5 hero2  time kecik2 tu kan. now semua dah besar pjg, hensem2 dah semua. and semua nya tahu hormat org tua despite of their modern lifestyle. Satu lagi yg best, part baca doa, adik mereka yg ketiga bacakan doa. cool kan. to me cool la... my husband told me that contohi la bik Miera tu. (org jawa panggil bibik kalau pangkat makcik). Eventhough bik Miera tu mother at home, tp dia ade character, mcm wanita bekerjaya gitu.

Our table.

Mostly minah salleh tak ikut theme pun. Dulu Adi ni studied kat oversea. ramai kwn2 dia dtg all the way from queensland. N to my surprise, bila jumpe laki ke pompuan ke, mesti peluk cium pipi kiri kanan. 

cantik the bride

At the same time celebrate birthday Adi, the groom. Sebelah Adi tu doctor yg sambut dia mase dia lahir..
heh? doctor pun dia jemput... maybe doctor tu cik amie nye kawan.

Dulu, the only women in the family, bik miera je, now dah tambah sorang lagi..dayang..welcome to the family.   
Nanti raya kite jumpe ye...insha Allah

Guest book....kene tuka la kot guest book guitar

Doorgift section area.

Dewan Gemilang

Doorgift, at first I received a heart shape, then mintak tukar nk sama mcm husband. sbb kalu nk letak as a deco, biarlah sama, baru cantiksss

Our doorgift

Bapak pengantin. walau botak, still maintain macho. Siap nyanyi tuk anak dia lagu 'Words'...sporting tul cik Amie ni. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Just Ramblings

Saya tak tahu berenang. Ada hamba Allah ni suruh saya berenang. Dia suruh saya berenang dari paras yang cetek ke paras yang dalam sehingga lah saya pandai berenang.

Dia berikan saya seorang juru renang aka‘life guard’  untuk saya belajar berenang. Saya pun berenang lah..oh dekat kawasan cetek ni..senang je..bisa aja dong saya berenang. Saya teruskan lagi hingga paras dada..masih bole berenang, sbb kalu penat ada kaki sendiri cecah lantai. Juru renang aka life guard suruh saya mara lagi ke depan. Nampaknya dah paras mulut. Kadang kadang saya lemas tapi saya ada life guard, dia tlg selamatkan saya. Dia ckp buat macam ni, buat mcm ni..saya buat. Tapi saya masih perlukan tgn dia untuk saya berpaut. Saya selamat. Tapi hakikatnya saya belum masih pandai berenang di tempat yang dalam. Saya akan lemas. Saya takut. Buat masa sekarang saya masih ada life guard saya. Tapi sayang nya juru renang aka life guard saya dah tak mahu ajar saya. Dia nak tinggalkan saya. Sampai hati dia. Dalam pada masa saya nk belajar berenang di tempat dalam, dia nak tinggalkan saya. Sampai hati….saya sedih sgt. Saya tak kisah dia nak tinggalkan saya, tapi ajarlah saya berenang dulu.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Saya selaku SPR

Masih ada lagi yang berbunyi SPR tak telus.. Haih.. sesiapa yang masih ragu-ragu dengan ketelusan SPR, saya cadangkan supaya anda isi borang menjadi calon sbg ejen parti atau pun kerani pengundian.Kemudian baru anda tahu adakah SPR telus atau pun tidak. GE13 baru baru ni, saya menjadi kerani pengundi. Ada 3 org kerani, sorang kene sebut nama dengan kuat dan periksa jari jemari pengundi. Sorang kene calit dan sorang lagi cop kertas undi  & distribute kertas undi tersebut kepada pengundi. So saya adalah kerani yang tukang cop and edarkan kertas undi tersebut. Buat pengetahuan anda petugas SPR bole terdiri daripada pro kerajaan atau anti kerajaan. And mostly kebanyakkannya cikgu-cikgu yang selalu jadi pertugas SPR sbb nya lokasi itu sendiri dibuat di sekolah2. Tapi saya bukan cikgu, kebetulan rakan saya yg bekerja sbg PTD mencari lagi siapa yg volunteer nk jadi  petugas SPR. So saya mmg nk sgt jadi SPR. Sbb di situ saya bole menjadi saksi sama ada SPR ni telus atau pun tidak.

Seawal 6.45 pagi saya kene ada di sekolah Lai Meng, Jalan Ampang. Tampal poster, setup tempat undi, susun alat tulis. Saya ditugaskan di saluran 7. Saluran yg last sekali.Makanya ada 7 bilik darjah yang digunakan untuk buang undi. Bila last maknenya, saluran 7 adalah saluran untuk pengundi2 muda. Untuk pengundi yg tua2, mereka guna bilik darjah aras bawah, spy mana yg guna wheel chair senang nk buang undi. Bila saya tengok listing pengundi2 di saluran 7, ada 606 pengundi yang dah di allocate kan di saluran 7. Tahun lahir start dr thn 79 hingga la thn 91. Tepat jam 8 pg, dah start buat kerja. Apa yg sy bole ckp, sgt penat sbb 8-1 adalah non stop. Actualy 8 to 5 adalah non stop. Waktu lunch pun takde sebenarnya, curi-curi mkn bila pengundi takde. Kat sini bole la sy bagi tips. Next PRU, kalu nk buang undi, pergi la jam 3 atau 4ptg. Tak payah beratur. Sbb time tu takde pengundi, yg dtg satu dua je. Mana ibu2 yg terpaksa bwk anak kecil dtg la time petang2. Seriously tak payah beratur langsung. Kalu beratur pun dalam 3-4 minit je. Tp kalau nak merasa kemeriahan mengundi, nak beratur pjg2, dtg la pagi2…

 Penat jugak buat kerja cop2 ni, sampai kematu tgn dah. Yg sebut nama tu lagi la…kesian dia.. tujuan dia jerit nama tu sbb ada dua ejen parti sbg contoh saluran 7 saya tu, ada BN n PAS berada dlm saluran tersebut. Mereka pun ada listing tersebut. And mereka akan make sure tick nama yg disebut oleh kerani td. Sbb at the end, total listing SPR yg dah tick kene sama dgn jumlah yg ejen parti (BN and PAS) tick. Fair tak? Telus tak? Tak lupa jugak ejen ni jugak berhak menyuarakan ketidakpuasan hati mereka kalau yg datang mengundi tu disyaki bukan warga Negara Malaysia. Tapi situasi muka2 bangla ke, indon ke dtg mengundi tak pulak kami jumpa. Ok perihal dakwat hitam tu, tp nampak mcm dakwat biru, mcm pakai inai sebenarnya. Kene tunggu kering baru la dakwat tu kekal. Ni tak, lepas kene calit terus nak lap. Mmg la cepat hilang. Kami saluran 7, akan pesan pada pengundi, jangan lap biar dia kering. Mana yg mintak tisu kami tak bagi. Dalam fesbuk masing2 upload pic index finger. Mengundila katakan.. Tak kurang jugak yg sibuk nk buktikan dakwat tu bole hilang…

Now proses kiraan mengundi pula. Tepat jam 5, terus pintu bilik darjah ditutup dan diawasi oleh seorang pegawai Polis diluar bilik darjah. Mula2 kami diarahkan untuk mengira berapa keping kertas undi yg berada dlm kotak undi. Takut2 ada kertas lain menjelma ke kertas kene sama dengan bilangan pengundi yg telah SPR tick or ejen tick. Kene sama. Lepas tu baru lah proses mengasingkan kertas undi yg pangkah BN dan yg pangkah PAS. Ada 4 kotak disediakan, kotak BN, kotak PAS, kotak Ragu dan kotak Undi Rosak. Sepanjang proses kami mengira, hanya ada satu sahaja undi rosak. Satu kertas undi tersebut tiada apa2 pangkah. Sama ada pengundi tersebut tak tahu nak buat apa, atau tak sokong mana2 parti, atau dia terlupa nak pangkah. Yang lain-lain kertas undi semuanya diterima walaupun dia hanya capkan jari telunjuk yg telah dicalit diatas kertas undi. Sepatutnya kertas undi kenelah dipangkah dengan pen hitam yg disedikan oleh SPR. Mostly mmg pangkah tapi kami juga ada jumpa yang tanda ‘right’, tanda pangkah menggunakan dakwat yg dicalit pada jari, tanda pangkah atas lambang parti…semua tu SPR and ejen bersetuju terima undi tersebut. Janji, tanda2 tersebut mestilah berada di dalam kotak parti yg dipilih. Kalu pengundi tanda dua2 kotak, ianya akan ditolak.

Proses tersebut selesai jam 7.30 mlm. Setelah kesemua barang, dokumen and kertas undi dipack dan dimasukkan ke dalam kotak/tabung undi dan dimasukkan dalam karung warna kuning, baru lah ia nya dihantar ke Sek Aminuddin Baki untuk proses kiraan undi seterusnya. Sy berkira2 kotak/tabung undi/karung kuning tersebut sampai mybe jam 8.30 mlm di sek aminudin Baki. Pegawai polis akan mengiringi sekali tau. Ada 7 kotak/tabung undi/karung kuning yg datang nya dari Sekolah Lai Meng. Tu belum masuk lagi sekolah2 lain. Kalu proses kiraan undi lambat habis di sekolah tu, (mungkin ada ejen yg tak puas hati), maka lambat la kotak undi/karung kuning tu nk sampai ke pusat pengiraan undi. Seterusnya lambat lah SPR untuk mengumumkan siapa yang menang di kawasan tersebut. Dekat fesbuk, ramai complaint lambat sgt SPR nak umum pemenang. Kalau lah rakyat Malaysia faham bagaimana proses flow PRU Malaysia, mungkin takdelah byk complaint. Tugas saya hanya sampai jam 7.30 mlm td. Tugas seterusnya adalah Ketua Tempat Mengundi. Jadi saya tak tahu la apa yg berlaku di sekolah aminuddin baki. Time 7.30 tu dah tak sabar nk balik sbb kepenatan. Tak tunggu pun result dia apa. 9.30 mlm dah terlena. 2.30 pagi baru mandi..

 Kalau bole, saya nak cadangkan pihak SPR sediakan video proses flow PRU 14 seminggu sebelum pilihanraya dan ditayangkan di stesen tv utama di Malaysia. (Macam video nak buat coklat di kilang, drpd buah koko sampai lah coklat tersebut dijual di kedai2 or pasaraya). Start daripada pengundi tu beratur sampailah pengumumam pemenang parliament or DUN dibuat. Biar rakyat Malaysia tahu bagaimana proses PRU dilakukan.  Baru la telus setelusnya..

 Kenangan manis saya ketika bertugas sbg SPR, dapat lihat pelbagai ragam manusia. Oh ya, ada sorang artis dekat saluran 7 dtg mengundi. Penyanyi yang nyanyi lagu Apo kono eh jang.
Dan juga, jumpa ex colleague company lama. Kebanyakkan pengundi saluran 7 muda dan first time. Nampak semua excited. Yg first time siap mengaku first time and mintak penerangan nk buat apa dgn kertas undi tersebut.hehehe…ragam ragam..Anyway its fun but tiring.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My saturday outing

1. Menghadiri hari pertunangan anak bos. Not my boss. Org lain punya bos. Hehe. Since she invited me, pergi je lah. Surprisingly her daughter looks like Nad Zainal. Bila cakap dengan bakal pengantin, she replied, "sape Nad Zainal tu, ramai yang ckp macam tu" Nad Zainal femes ape, tak kan tak kenal kot.

2. Visited colleague who was safely delivered a healthy baby boy at home. Ni kes tak sempat nak pergi hospital. Baby dah nak sgt keluar. Alhamdulillah proses kelahiran sgt sekejap dan selamat. Rasa sakit tak lama. Best kan. Pengalaman yang........menyeronokkan? Eh tak..pengalaman yang lain dari yang lain. Hihi. ****bila la i boleh dapat rasa pengalaman bersalin****

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Kitchen Organizing 001

I like to watch Anna Olsen punya program masakan. The way she cooked sometimes bole buat i terlopong. Khusyuk. Looking at her kitchen...simple n clean. Very organized. I noticed she kept the flour in a jar. So i thought i want to imitate that. So he we go. Somtimes im afraid tht i accidently change the lid. Hopefully no.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Foot Reflexology @Bandung

If you want to have a foot reflexology during your trip at Bandung, then I strongly suggest you to stay at Naval Hotel. Why? Coz there are two massage house next and opposite the hotel and it just walking distance. 

Next to the Hotel is ZEN family reflexology. And the opposite Hotel, sorry can't remember but the service quite similar with ZEN they provide you foot and body massage. Only the concept is traditional Chinese ancient.  And mahal sikit extra RP10K. First nite I massage dekat ZEN second nite I massage kat opposite hotel.Sorry 2nd nite tu tak bwk camera.

I snapped a gal next to me. See the service they provided to us. Service 5 bintang, tapi harga kaki 5 shj. RM16 for one hour.

 First step, dia akan cuci kaki dulu, and massage2 sikit...kasi bersih dulu, then baru dia bwk pi kat kerusi urut untuk next step.

 Ni pic apa plak ni? Ni small tv screen. During the massage, they will provide you a headphone and small tv screen that attached with you chair.

Before massage they will ask you , nak lelaki ke or perempuan massage u. Of coz I want cewek massage me kan. tp cewek sume occupied.hehe terpaksa pilih cowok yg tinggal. Coz that nite mmg full house. fyi dlm tu mcm ada lebih kurang 50 kerusi and bayang kan  almost 50 kerusi tu occupied. Maknanya tukang urut pun 50 org la kan?

Monday, 22 April 2013

Husband n Wife day out

It’s not a day out but 4 days and 3 nights out..hehehe
We went to Bandung recently together with my in laws.
6 of us fit to a Kia travello van which cost us RM481.50 for Supir service that includes Petrol, toll and parking for the whole 4 days in Bandung.
Quite cheap kan, Bahagi 6, per person only RM80 (Makan tak masuk tau)
During my first visit to Bandung in 2009, I don’t have any desire to come back again.
Why? Masa tu I joined rombongan Cik Kiah gitu…1 bas dalam 40 orang.. You know lah when to handle 40 heads kan. Bila bas nk jalan ada la 2-3 kerat tak sampai ntah mana menghilang.
But for this year, since air fare tix murah, my SIL tiba2 ajak shopping baju raya anak2 dia, we all say YES aje.

TIPS: Make it your own group. 4 -6 or 6-10 people. Try to avoid joining a trip in a large group of people. Precisely for Bandung trip.

Let me share our itinerary:


-Arrived at Bandar Sasteranegara Airport around 5.30pm (Local time) Delay disebabkan kecelakaan Lion Air di Bali. Rupe-rupenya Lion Air yg nahas di Bali tu departure from Bandung.
-Check In Naval Hotel
-Dinner at Dapur Sangkuriang
-Jalan2 di Paris Van Java, Shopping Mall yg paling famous di Bandung. Butik2 yg terdapat kat paris van java, sama mcm butik2 yg ada kat Midvalley. Fyi, Bags and shoes Charles n keith at Bandung much more variety than KL.. I was like wah, all niceee here… rege dia sama cam kl. Since there’s no allocation at Paris Van Java, I just window shop. Cume beli roti dekat Bread Talk.

Day 2

- Breakfast at Hotel
- Pasar Baru. dari pagi sampai petang you all. Our mission kat pasar baru ni adalah seperti berikut:
     • Telekung
     • Telekung travel
     • Kain Pelekat
     • Baju renang muslimah
     • Buat langsir
     • Kain Cotton Jepun
     • Legging budak2

TIPS: Toilet Pasar baru mmg tak best. Segala ‘Urusan Seri Baginda’ haruslah disettlekan di hotel ye. Kalau tak tahan nk kene buang jugak dekat Pasar Baru, korang redha je la…

TIPS: Fridge magnet dekat Pasar Baru boleh dapat 5 papan dengan harga RP100,000. Tp kalu nak murah lagi, beli ketika pergi lunch. Let say pergi lunch dekat restoran Belacan, kat luar restoran tu confirm ada orang mencari rezeki dengan menjual fridge magnet yg mana bole dapat 6 papan dengan harga RP100,000. (RM32.10). Dengan harga RM32.10 bole dapat 36 fridge magnet. Pepandai la tawar.

-Jalan Cihampelas – Dah exhausted sebenarnya just masuk satu factory outlet. Tak ingat nama dia tp betul2 depan FAVE HOTEL.Dekat sini murah. Toilet pun bersih.
-Rumah Mode (Dulu pergi rasa mcm murah, tapi kali ni pergi rasa mahal sikit)
-Dinner (McD)
-Refleksology – Time to pamper myself. RP50,000 for 1 hour. (RM16 untuk sejam urut kaki) Where can I find this in KL? NAAAADAA. Kat Krabi pun RM25 untuk sejam for foot refleksology


- Breakfast at Hotel
-Toko3 (Toilet sini bersih)
-Jalan Sukajadi. Here we covered factory outlet mcm The Summit, Heritage, Cascade (Toilet Cascade bersih 5 star)
- Late lunch @ Restoran Belacan
- Secret
-Amanda , Kat sini we all borong brownies, fyi, brownies Amanda is cheaper than Kartikasari. Kat sini I borong 13 kotak brownies. Tapi ada org prefer brownies Kartikasari lg sedap. Tgkla selera masing. To me Amanda pun sedap apa. (Brownies original Amanda RP26000~rm8.34 while Brownies original Kartikasari RP32,500~rm10.43)
-Grande (Recommend to shop T-shirt, very good quality)
-Kartikasari – Dulu I cuma tahu brownies kukus, brownies bakar and pisang bolen adalah ole2 yg perlu dibawa blk KL…Haa kali ni, additional item must buy ialah, Bagelen Cheese. Sedap sgt. Kat KL rasenya tak pernah jumpe lagi And Toast bread. This is a Must Buy ole2. Next time kalu I nk pi lagi nk borong yg ni byk2. Yg ni tahan lama. Kalu brownies, tak thn lama.
-Refleksogy – Again…kaki dah lenguh kene dapatkan service massage. But this one RP60,000 for 1 hour. (RM19.26)


-Pasar Baru (last minute shopping)
-Kartikasari (last minute shopping)
-Bandung Airport at 12.30 pm
-Departure time 3.15pm

My SIL snap this pic.  Husband and wife in the kandang. very rare situation to us. haha
And sorry for the lousy edit pic.

TIPS : How to convert RP to RM
Kalu nk senang shopping kat sana bole bawak kertas kecik siap2 convert RP to RM
Kalu tak nk bawak kertas or kertas td tu hilang, bole guna kalkulator.

Ni kalau RM321 = Satu juta rupiah
RP10,000 = RM3.21
RP20,000 = RM6.42
RP50,000 = RM16.05
RP75,000 = RM24.07
RP100,000 = RM32.01
RP150,000 = RM48.15
RP200,000 = RM64.20
RP300,000 = RM96.30
RP1,000,000 = RM321

Kalu let say, uol beli RM325 = Satu juta rupiah then guna kalkulator macam ni
10 x 0.325  = RM3.25
20 x 0.325 = RM6.50
50 x 0.325 = RM16.25

Kalau RM320 = Satu juta rupiah
10 x 0.320 = RM3.20
20 x 0.320 = RM6.40
50 x 0.320 = RM16.00
75 x 0.320 = RM24.00
125 x 0.320 = RM40.00
(Kalau 150,500 rupiah darab mcm ni 150.5 x .320 = RM48.16)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Air Asia free Seat

Another wacko moment this morning was that searching for a free seat by Air Asia at 4.00 am. As the traffic quite less congested in the morning, I managed to book 2 destinations for year 2014. Crazy huh. (To me it is crazy la)At 12.00 sharp I did try search, but always directed me to waiting room. So masuk tido je la. Dah mengantuk sgt tak mengharap pun nk book apa2. Suddenly dalam jam 3-4 tu bole pulak terjaga. Since laptop pun tak off, pegi kat laptop try search. Walawei, bestnya bila search Air asia tgh2 pagi semua dok tido lagi. Smooth aje. Ticket pun bole tahan murah apa lagi. Proceeeed…Buat payment pun smooth. Request TAC pun laju je dapat. Anda bagaimana. Sudahkah anda mendapatkannya?

I think I have some tips to share bila nk book ticket whenever ada promotion Air Asia ni. Tips ni untuk org yg suka murah2.hihi..Solely purchase airfare tix without extra luggage, meal, insurance, hot seat or skybus tix.To me I try to avoid from using credit card coz ada charge di situ. Sebolehnya guna direct debit. Contohnya guna CIMB Click. Save, takde charges. I pernah kene charged RM40 bila guna credit card. Rm40 tu pun banyak apa. Then let say, duit cukup2 je la nk bayar duit ticket, make sure jgn beli lagi add on baggage or meal. Kalu nk extra baggage beli la next month. Reason being: harga tiket yg murah tu bole dapat within that period je. So bayar je la harga tiket yg murah. Baru la rase ‘MURAH’..hehehe.. then gaji bulan depan baru le beli extra luggage. Guna booking number yg dia bagi kalu nk tambah apa2. Gituuu kaedah nya…bukan apa harga luggage tu sama je tak berubah. Begitu juga harga meal. Beli lambat sikit takpa.. tips ni untuk org kebanyyakkan macam saya. Untuk orang yg berkepuk2 duit dalam bank, please ignore this tips okeh. Bye

See, RM92 je pergi balik bandung

Yang ni, destination ke hong kong RM316 pergi far this is the best price. Tapi I punya tix bukan seperti yg digambarkan...selepas dah booked 2 destinasi cinta kami, baru la jumpe di atas. Very tempting, tapi duit takdok. Duk diam2

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

E-Day @ Seri Melayu Restaurant

Last Saturday I went to Restaurant Seri Melayu. I have never been there actually until one of my colleagues invited me to attend her engagement day. Now only I knew that you can make your own occasion at the restaurant. What I had in mind was that the restaurant only serves lunch buffet and dinner buffet for tourist and locals plus cultural performance. So katak bawah tempurung kan. But recently what I heard about this restaurant they gonna demolish it after June 2013 or by this June 2013 (something related to June la). You know Harrods? The latest owner of Harrods had bought the land and probably the first Harrods Store in Malaysia will stands there at Jalan Conlay. I just heard people talking about it whether true or not, we’ll see. 

My first time ever attending Engagement Day at restaurant. Quite jakun sikit. I actually like the idea of having an occasion like E-day at Seri Melayu Restaurant because the building itself maintaining the Malay cultural heritage. As you get inside the dining hall, you will be pleased to hear the sound of gamelan which makes you feel like you are in Istana Melayu. This is totally a new experience for me. They also provide VIP room where I believe this room is for multipurpose use and such for E day event; this is the place where discussion between two families takes part. Similarly like rumah kampong, you have to take off your shoes, everyone like duduk bawah, and facing the mini pelamin. To me kan mini pelamin nowadays gempak..walawei gitu. Cantik betul mini pelamin kawan ku ini. Kalu ada tok kadi, dah selamat dah sumenye hehe..coz everything dah in order.

Talking about foods, RSM serves an authentic Malay cuisine where I found deliciously tasty. The foods presentation also catches my eyes. I like the dessert tables where all traditional kuih being served to the guests. The attraction part was ' dulang paha' used as a prop to serve the kuih. Niceee kan.. Idea ni idea ni..Bole buat kat rumah ni kalu nk buat majlis ape2. Oh ya dlm byk2 kuih kan, kalu RSM serve keropok lekor losong sure bertambah2 Malay authentic kan? hmmm..I should meet their chef and suggest this that day. 

5 things why I fond of her E Day:-
1. the make up not over do hence she looks flawless..anyway she has flawless skin even without putting a make up
2. Her gorgeous dress really makes her looks stunning
3. Simple yet classy of hantaran. One of the hantaran is rare. 
4. Spacious vip room. 
5. Ample car park

She don't use fresh flower, tp nice towel tu mcm out sikit..hehe

flawless skin. Isn't she pretty?

congrats my dear friend. 

Dessert table. Table cloth kain batik je

Door gift. 

VIP table. Unfortunately we were not belong to this table.huhu
kalu tak bole bawak balik ferrero roche

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Akhirnya tertangkap juga ko cicak

I can't take it anymore. Dia dah main kasar dengan tuan rumah. Asyik jumpa tahi cicak je...Lap table top hari ni, esok ada lagi...lap lagi wangi2, esok jumpa seketul taik lg. grrr tension la cam ni.....
Disebabkn cicak ni dh bermaharajalela di dapur ku, terpaksa la saya lancarkan OPS menangkap cicak. Hehe Akhirnya berjaya juga dia menyerah diri. Hanya berbekalkan umpan ikan bilis yg agak besar, berjaya juga menarik perhatian cicak tersebut yg suka berak merata2.
Agaknya dengan beberapa langkah je, cicak tu terlekat dan tak boleh bergerak sepenuhnya. hanya ekor dia je yg free from glued. Pada mula nya perangkap ni dibeli untuk tangkap lipas, tp lipas tak mau dtg, sbb tak letak umpan mungkin. kalu letak mahu menjadi perangkap ni. Tu kisah dulu, sbb tak tahu nk letak ape sbg umpan. Tp cicak tu masih hidup lagi. What should I do. My husband suruh buang. kalu buang terlepas la dia balik kan....nanti berak lagi merata2. Ting!!! kite spray dengan dia dgn shieldtox k.

**puas hati beta, tertangkap sudah sekor**

Suka sgt berak merata. Ni tahi dia kat bar counter.

Ni atas top sebelah rice cooker

Ni kat bawah rak pinggan. Merata rata dia berak. tak ke hangin mak ni. Rase nya ada lagi sekor..sbb tadi dia berbunyi. Agak nya cari pasangan la tu tak jumpa kot...

Apam polkadot

Saya hanya tahu kewujudan apam polkadot, tapi tak tahu pula kewujudan apam yg diimprovise sebegini.
Bukan setakat comel, malah sedap siap ada inti lagi didalam nya. Now I can imagine, kalu nk buat befday party tuk kanak2 bole serve apam yg comel ni dkat dessert table instead of macaroon yg manis leting2 tu . mahal pulak tu.

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Friday, 8 March 2013

Hari ni hari apa? Hari ni hari Wanita Sedunia

Selamat Hari Wanita semua....


Dapat wish from one of my good fren. By right wanita hari ni should receive a bouquet of flower kan, tanda appreciation to women. heeeee

Thursday, 7 March 2013


My refrigerator was sold to a Jambu male customer. Jambuu sgt...putih melepak and bibirnya merah..ok i did not scan him thoroughly when I met him , but his pic in wassap sgt menyerlah. When I showed to my husband, first word he uttered was ' Jambunya dia'hihi.....

We are now refrigeratorless... Luckily, all frozen foods tht we had we restored at SIL house nearby us. Satu taman hassle.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Jumpa Ustaz Don tadi. First time jumpa secara live


Hehe, hari ni ada intro plak…selalu nya pakai type je takde greeting langsung…not good not good..
Hari ni hari Isnin. Hari permulaan minggu yang sgt best. Sbb apa? sbb dapat jumpa Ust Don. Terkejut tau tadi, rase macam tak sangka je…eh ustaz Don ke ni..

My sis admitted. Hospital Az Zahra. Dia sendiri pilih hospital tu sbb dekat, nak skip balik umah pun bole.
Td tengahri masa lunch I visited my sis, bwk sekali my lunch mkn dgn sis. Bilik yg kakak admitted ni, share 2 orang. Pesakit sebelah tu ibu yang baru lepas bersalin. Ank yg ke empat. Comel baby boy tu.
Ibu yg baru lepas bersalin kita panggil dia pesakit ke? Tak kan..So I panggil dia ibu la ye.
Masa sampai, ibu ni ada pelawat, tapi langsir semua ditarik, so tak nampak la ibu n baby tu. Cuma dengar suara mereka je berborak.Sedang kami nikmati lunch kami, ada bunyi ketukan pintu, oh suami beliau. Sambil tu si suami bagi arahan ustaz sampai dah. Pakai tudung, pakai tudung. Weol relax je la sbb terselindung dengan kain langsir kan. So I pun makan dan makan dan makan..temankan kakak makan katanya… Kitorang berborak mcm biasa. Dalam pada tu, terdengar suara ustaz tadi bacakan doa untuk baby comel td tu. Dalam hati ni, wah best nya…sbb ada ustaz datang bacakan doa untuk sambut kedatanngan bayi comel ke dunia ni. Bisik hati ni, ‘kalu aku bersalin aku pun nak panggil la ustaz bacakan doa mcm org sebelah ni, tapi ustaz mana nk dipanggil?’ Hmmm baru teringat pak sedara belah suami imam surau taman cuepac, so bole la nanti pak sedara kami bacakan doa untuk our future baby.Selesai baca doa, terdengar ustaz tersebut bertanya pd si suami. Nak nama kan bayi nama apa? And the conversation goes on..tak pasang telinga pun kan. Tapi terdengar la nak namakan Habib. Ustaz tu cadangkan nama Habib rasenya. Maaflah…tak pasang telinga, bak kata bahasa pasar, tak amik port. Hahaha

Makanan pun dah abes, so nak pergi toilet basuh tgn, Dalam pada melangkahkan kaki ke toilet, mata ku terpandang ke arah dua orang lelaki yg sedang berborak di depan pintu. Yg pastinya, lelaki yg berkopiah tu suami ibu tadi dan lelaki berkemeja dan tidak berkopiah adalah mungkin rakan sekerja si suami tadi. Tapiiiiiiiiiiiiii……ok scene ni mcm dalam drama, I nak masuk toilet, tapi automatically I undur balik, sbb?? mcm pernah ku tgk wajah nie..tapi bukan kot, namun lelaki tampan ni senyum balik kt i …so masuk balik toilet tapi undur balik, kenapa dia senyum kat aku??, dia kot…dengan selambanya,….ustaz Don ke nie?
Ye ye saya…kali ni confirm trus masuk dlm toilet sbb nya hati ku berbunga2….selalunya tgk beliau dalam TV je, kali ni lived ok..tak sangka jumpa ustaz yg  dikagumi berada dekat dengan kami. Then basuh tgn cepat2, tak sempat nk amik tisu, takut ust Don balik…Tp ust Don masih disitu. So baru la terhegeh2 cari tisu., Bagitau my sis, eh ust Don la sebelah ni…nak amik gambar la…my sis pun setuju, pi la..cepat nanti dia balik…

Hehe, dengan tak malu nya, serius mmg tak malu, pergi dekat ustaz ckp Nak amik gambar bole?hehehe, sambil sengih mcm kerang busuk. Tp ustaz mmg sgt spotting la..Siap posing yg terbaik buat peminat nya ni. Kwn ustaz pun spotting siap offer kan diri nak amik pic sebelum I nak mintak tolong. Dua2!

At the same time, I asked ustaz , kakak saya pun nak bergambar dengan ustaz , bole?
Bole, bole
Dia pun datang ke katil kakak…Assalamulaikum…tu dia..cair hokey
Sakit apa ni? Tak tau la ustaz., kaki bengkak tapi tak tau kenapa.
Ustaz pun dengan lantasnya bacakan doa moga2 penyakit kakak ni sembuh….
Lepas bacakan doa, ustaz pun tazkirah la sikit…ada dua point disitu, satu memberi kata2 perangsang kat kakak, dua, ada maksud tersirat disitu, ustaz punya ayat mcm ni, Sakit ni mmgla dpt meghapuskn dosa2 kita, tapi ia nya juga sebagai tanda peringatan daripada Allah, Allah bole panggil kita bila2 masa sahaja. To me maksud dia kene la bertaubat sebelum kita dijemput Allah. Dah la kakak tu free hair, Semoga lepas ni kakak terbuka hati nak pakai tudung.

I terpaksa selindungkan wajah2 kami atas sebab2 tertentu. Ye...kami takut 'Along' cari kami nanti. hehehe..
bole terima tak reason tu?