Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Syukran Alhamdulillah ya Rabbi

I received a call from iForte today. At that point of time I was buzy coaching my colleuge who will be replacing my job function later on. My phone ringing and I saw an odd number and never thought that was from HR department coz lately I oftenly received a call from banks promoting their insurance product and credit card via phone. When she said she was from iforte..i started like over hyperactive than usual. I keep smiling answering their question. But then she only asking for a soft copy of my resume for her to submit it to their client. Still not confirm whether their client wants to hire me or not. Anyway, its a good sign for me that my resume is quite 'laku' in the market nowadays.. I pray hard to Allah to grant me a job after quitting at my recent company. Hopefully everything will be fine no worries okay.Pat on my shoulder.
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  1. Good luck on job hunting! InsyaAllah dapat kerja best tuuu..rezeki pasti ada. Aminnn.

  2. InshaAllah. =) thanks for dropping by =)