Friday, 28 September 2012

Water Purifier : Coway Satisfy your basic needs

Our house really need clean drinking water. At the moment we don't have such water filter. But I think every house should have one water filter. I don't trust much the level of cleanliness of water that being supplied from the state. (Sometimes air dia keroh kaler kuning. Bile basuh baju kaler kuning habes.What the heck kan. ) Since we don't have one, husband and I alternately get the R.O water from the machine yg sometimes available dekat kedai2 runcit. Okla cheap rather that buy a new bottle of water everytime nak drink kan. At first I can still tahan, but now kind of tiring every 2 days we have to top up back our clean drinking water. Normally 3 bottles of 5 litres can last for 2 days only. Was thinking to get one water filter for our house. There are plenty of brands water filter out there but to follow my desire, I love COWAY..hehehe seiring dengan tag line dia. But why Coway..??

OK. My previous company used to have COWAY water dispenser at the pantry. Very convenient I tell you. Hot ,cold and room temperature water available at anytime. And the best is, every 2 month service / maintenance to the water dispenser done by Coway people and its free of charge. Also if there were any faulty or problem to that appliance, they will fix it and F.O.C as well. From there I started think cool if I get one this at home. But for that model it ideal for workplace or big family. Coz it has large capacity of water tank. But for my situation, I think I need a petite one that suit with my small family.

The model  I interested most is Petit CHP - 06D. For this model, the design quite stylish and modern. (One of the reason I like it )And if happened tht I bought this, I have to pay RM110 per month up to 5 year service. After 5 years, the appliance will be mine, Just in case in 3rd year I want to stop the service, yes I may do so and the water purifier will be returned to Coway. This is for rental basis and if you want to own it you have to pay RM3400 and free 1 year service.

[Iklan jap, I can't see button to upload the picture for me to show you the model coz i'm writing this at the office. hehe..for 2 piccas above I upload using blogdroid then I edit this entry in the office and pretending like a busy one. Internet kat office not all can acces , even the button to upload pic also blocked. Dunno why, im not master in security]

There is pro and con between 'buy' and 'rental' . My previous company opt to 'rental' the water purifier or water filter or some may call water despenser is because of free 5 years service. Every 2 months they will come and service the appliance and free product check-up & filter changing services periodically. Senang ckp, byk free if you choose for rental scheme. Best kan. Same like mcm kita pakai kereta, air cond ke, fotocopy ke, every machine kene service la kalau nk barang baik kan...water filter kalau mahu tahan lama, kene service jugak yg penting service tu kalau free lagi bagus. Not like some product, bile call suruh datang service, kene bayo... Tapi kalu kita pilih untuk beli terus, service tu hanye untuk 1 tahun je free tapi harga satu unit jadi murah la. So there's pro and con di situ. Tepuk dada tanya selera lah. Akhir kata, I nak rent.hehehe

Celoteh je lebih , tapi ntah bila I nak call Coway and sign up for rental scheme.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Kitchen Cabinet & Rumah Baru

Tajuk entri, haha tak boleh blah rasanya..well, ini adalah salah satu strategi nak promote belog sebenarnya...I noticed some blog ada letak my link. Thank you for that. Then kalau letak tajuk killer mcm ni insyaAllah ada org baca kot...tul tak?
To me when I blogwalking, I will click tajuk entry yang attractive yg bole menarik perhatian I. Kalu tajuk dia mcm 'biasa' je, takde lah  I nak click. Lagi pun kat office time tade keje je baru bole I blogwalk. Dalam satu hari lebih kurang 3-4  blog je yg sempat I baca.

So ceritanya, nak cerita yg baru baru ni I went to my brother's house. Tp belum duduk lagi coz rumah dia belum renovate. Its a new project by Glomac. When they launch this project, harga untuk sebuah rumah....omang hai...maybe perlu 2,3,or 4 joint account kalu nk ensure your hs loan approved..mahal nya melampau2...bile tgk design dia....hmmm I bagi 2 bintang je out of five. So my mom bantu abg I dr segi who to hire the contractor. Selang beberapa buah rumah, ada rumah yg baru lepas renovated. Mom berkenan dgn design rumah dia. So mom pilih contractor tu untuk reno rumah abg nanti. My mom ajak I pergi tengok rumah yg dah siap tuh...So I pergilah...comment I, ok lah...nice ... tak salah pilihan my mom tu.

Luas nya jalan dia...nowadays rumah2 sekarng jln dia sempit, kalu kiri kanan kereta park, sure jalan sempit dah. Yang ni, kiri kanan park, jalan still lapang and luas.

This is one of the pattern of the house. Tapi yang ni bukan my brother punya house, its opposite.

And ni rumah yang dah siap renovate. I suke bar counter dia...Sangat. Ingat nk baiki balik my bar counter tu. nk gune material 3D mcm atas ni...Smartkan..Ok bar stool atas ni mcm common, yg berkenan di hati sekarang bar stool yg kat McD...hehehe

Ada taman permainan. Dekat dengan rumah abg. kalu anak2 buah datang, tak ralat rase nya kalu lepaskan mereka ke situ. Anyway, this area is gated and guarded, only car with sticker can enter the taman.

Basketball court.

The best part, swimming pool. Kalu i  yg dewasa ni tak lah excited mane, tapi kita akan happy kalu ank2 or anak2 buah dpt mandi swimming pool kan. Normally, swimmming pool ada kat kondo-kondo yang landed houses mcm abg i punye ni pun ada facilities swimming pool, dewan, playground and surau. (tapak surau je baru ada) kot2 nanti i ade anak, bole la buat befday party kat sini..huhu berangan sebentar.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My cutie pie

This little girl is really really melting my heart even now.. Eh aunty forgot to ask your name lah gal. She came to my mom open house over the weekend with my maklong.(she is my maklong niece) Her parent didnt show up mybe shy coz not so close with my family. At first shy shy cat lah....somehow i managed tame her by offering to be my model. So i snap her pic and after tht she take a look at her pic then. She get excited i guess by looking at her cutiest faces. Surprisingly she requested more snapping her I foresee that she has a talent to be a model.hehe

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Friday, 14 September 2012

The dusun : a serene place to ease your 'jiwa kacau'

It was last year my girl frens and I been here for 1 nite stay. Located at Seremban,  I guess not far from KL.
Not inner in the city but its located within org asli settlement area. I recommend you hv a visit once here for a 1 nite stay, thats enough for a mini vacation with your family or frens or husband. This place is so quite and serene. You will not see any kedai started from the main road to this place.
I will not suggest you to drive here by Kancil or Viva or vehicle under 1000 cc as you hv to go thru some road yg berbatu batu kecil..And you will also need climb the hill like 140degree up to the hill. (kalu gune 4wheeldrive lg bagus) I think for more info you can google The Dusun, more pics available in their website.

We stayed at Tembusu House where it can fit 4 people at one time. The Tembusu house rate is RM400 per nite. So we divided into 4 , RM100 per head plus RM50 for foods. Fyi, this place only provide breakfast meal according how many person stayed in the house. For dinner or tea break, you will need to prepare by yourself. Nasib baik, we all ada sorang chef. So masak2 ni serahkan pada beliau. Foods prepared by her: marinated chicken, udang , sosej, potatoes, mashed potatoes for BBQ then cucur udang, sos bagai, goreng sosej for tea time. Air? air kosong je. Itu yg lagi sedap.hehe

An infinity pool

View from the edge of the pool

A place for tea time and BBQ. They provide the BBQ pit for your convenient. From the Tembusu house to the pool, you hv to walk like 5 minutes distance. We dont do our BBQ here, we just had our's at our house. Yup every house ada BBQ pit. No worries.

Looks like infinity kan, tapi sebenarnye ada tangga turun bawah tu ha..Tak perlu ada raya gayat.

Below: Of course ada pokok durian yg banyak. You can eat what eva  fruits yg ada disitu and you can eat as much as you can.

PS : Its a private property owned by mat salleh. Do expect dogs will mingle around for their security purposes.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Baked Macaroni

This is my activity over the wekend. Jom main masak masak!

These are all I need..easy peasy!
chicken fillet yg dicincang
Holland onion, dice it
1 tin sos keju  Preggo
cheesedale, i budget harini, instead gune parmeson cheese, i gune cheesedale
and garam sikit
and lastly macaroni, not in the pic

Firstly, kita tumis la bawang tu sampai jadi chris brown..hahaha(quote frm Maria Elena)

Dah jd Chris Brown , masukkan ayam yg kene cincang tu..then sos keju Preggo then masukkan garam sikit, ikut suka hatilah kalu darah tinggi, taruk sikit jer. Gaulkan dia sampai ayam masak. Bila ayam dah masak, masuk macaroni gaulkan dia atas kuali.tutup api.

Tada...yummy tak..lepas ni nk bake tau, so td ada onion lebih i tabur atas dia sikit

And then cheesedale I kerat2 mcm bawah ni...this is first layer..pastu add on macaroni lagi for second layer

This is top layer, ready to go to oven , baked at 180 degree up to 20 minutes..Yg ni I pecahkan telur then cuah kan atas dia..konon nk kasi lekat la each lagi byk cheese lagi bagus..hahaha

Yg ni versi takde telur yg dipecahkan, then bole masuk oven

Final result lepas dah baked?? I lupa nk amik gambar..
tp seriously husband ckp sedap...yayyyyy

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Aktiviti Dapur - roti canai

Husband and I were watching drama Waris together last week. I was ironing baju and hubby lying on the couch. Come to the scene ‘breakfast time’, the actor Fiz Fairuz said to the kids ‘Mari makan roti canai (something like that la), ni papa buat pagi2 subuh lagi (lebih kurang la dialog nya). Out of sudden, hubby was like ‘nak buat roti canai la’. Me was like….??? ‘Hmm buat la’ showing the support to him. But deep down in me, biar betul? Mlm2 mcm n ink buat roti canai. Deng! Ok fine maybe he just joking di mlm hari…Hell no he actually really keen to make the roti canai. Asked for my fon searching for the recipe.
I just keep on grinned, we’ll see… So he straight away headed to the kitchen, looking for the easy ingredients, floor, buttercup, an egg and a pinch of salt. After uli2 things, I said to hubby , roti canai ni bole makan by tomorrow only.

So, tomorrow nya, Heh? Jadi ke ni? Why so yellowish? Hubby confessed he didn’t know how to tebar kan nya.. and he ask me how to tebar, please ajar tebar….Adeh la hubby ku.. I also dunno la hubby.

He tried several times, at first never give up but in the end, he gave up. I said kite buat lempeng je lah…..finally jadi lempeng aje..and the taste actually like kulit karipap tu punya....we ate with mil’s chicken curry anyway.. The chicken curry was the savior to our breakfast menu. If not, hubby will definitely surrender. I told mil recently about his passionate to roti canai and we all laughed out loud at him.

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Friday, 7 September 2012

Open House

Alhamdulillah just had my free lunch at IT Get Together session. As I predicted, I received a lot of open house invitation this week and the following week. How blissful living in country named Malaysia. Malaysian like to eat kan. For tomorrow's activities, I have a wedding invitation and open house as well. Will definately attend both of it as I will meet up a lot of my ex school buddies over there. Husband will not join me as he has some agendas on his own. Before heading to my fren's wedd, my ex matrix buddies will be coming raya to my house and I hv yet finalize what to be served for tomorow's makan2.

Last week, one of my good buddy also was hosted an open house cum birthday celebration at her crib. Instead of scrumptious dishes were served to the guest, the best part was her candy corner or candy buffet design by herself. Plus cookies , macaroon, red velvet cake and birthday cake was solely homemade by her. I am soo amazed and when thinking of the preparation, I bet it takes 2 days early before the event. So proud of her. I still imagine the foods, satey, red velvet cake...oh man..

Pic-courtesy of Arfah's FB. Ok I took it without permission. To Arfah, jz in case u found this, I took your pic. Allow me please..hehe.

Sometimes, I get frustrated jugakla when in one day there were 2 -3 open house. You know la when there were so much foods, bukan semuanya food I mkn. Cause stomach already bloated, I tend to eat little at the next house tho the dishes sedap sedap. Then back to office, teringat pulak semua tuh. mcm mane tak frustrated. Can I request whoe ever it may concern, bole tak buat open house during weekdays. After office hour surely lapar then dapat mkn sedap2 will definately appreciation award goes to tuan rumah. Tapi satu hal pulak tuan rumah nk kene ambiil cuti nk prepare sume2 tu kan...haha...

My department pula will oraganize makan2 session next monday. Of cource looking forward to it coz ada satey...oh ya i like satay actually. One of my fav foods list...hehe..
I have seen the menu on that day, but sadly the desert only mix fruits. So I was thinking to bring agar-agar buah add on to the desert area on that day. Wish me luck la , coz it will be my first homemade ever agar agar buah. huhu....