Wednesday, 22 February 2012

set tv pulok

Instead looking for a desire bar counter, I was also looking for TV and fridge as well for my new house. So today , I went to Sogo and having some cuci mata @ Electrical Appliances floor.
For fridge not so many choices I can put in my list. But for TV, I just fell in love with Samsung. Lesson for today, how to buy a television. Today only I understand the different between plasma tv, LCD tv and LED tv. Tq salesman. Although I didn't buy any at your store, but I gain some knowledge.
Let me share with you folks.

This kind of plasma, same with ordinary tv before keluar TV yg leper-leper ni. They use gas and it consume more electrical power. It just that, they are flat screen.

additional info: TV1, TV2, TV3, TV9, TV8, TV7 = analog, these suitable to watch with plasma Tv

 Totally same with monitor flat screen.LCD - liquid crystal display. Electrical power consuming less than plasma tv. LCD TV is good to watch High Definition (HD) mcm astro beyond.
additional info : LCD guna byk elektrik berbanding plasma TV la ghupenye
Light Emitting Diode - Seriously i tak tau menatang ape..but to my understanding the screen gune diode. Every single color yg keluar at the screen, they are using diode. Save energy indeed. save more than LCD.

Smart TV
They are LED as well and also ade WIFI beb. Mmg very the smart. Bole online kat tv tu. Ultimately. you can now watch youtube dekat screen besar tu beb, kalu dah boring tgk Tv, kite surfing la, tgk videoklip ker, upin ipin ker.hehe.. Save enrgy lagi. mmg ko smart sgtlah tv oi.

additional info : salesman dkt COURT ckp setakat online 4-5 kali bole la, lama2 rase leceh, baik gune laptop
Once you know the type of tv, now you can compare the price.. surprisingly tv sekarang dah murah2. You can get 42 inch below than 2K.. Mase dulu2 , harge tv leper ni RM3-4K..sekarang dah murah..Now TV semua sama, different brand but same technology.

Tips: Kalau anda nak jimat pakai electric, make sure the electrical appliances yang anda pilih, ade sticker kuning from Sirim.
Plasma TV

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kitchen Bar for My House

I am now eyeing for kitchen-bar-counter for my house. There are too many aspect need to be considered such as the material, the size, the color, the concept, the design and especially the PRICE$$$. I want the cheapest in town hehe kalu boleh..despite cheap, hasil nye mesti nak lah nampak classy and mahal...hak hak hak tuih..To me, for kitchen cabinet i don't prefer yang kayu kayan dah..during my teenagers, I always adore country home style..mase tu fikir bila dah besar nak ada rumah, nak pakai cabinet yang macam tu. Especially white theme. But times change, people do I. Since I work in a new building, office's pantry already inspired me. Morden design simple yet stylish.. Feng shui pun baguih
Actualy my kitchen dah ade table top 'ikat batu' .haha orang tertentu je yang paham yg ni..anda faham?tettt..
cabinet yang atas not yet installed because masa mula2 rumah dah siap, dah ada tenant willing to rent the house. So I just ask the contractor to build up table top only plus drawers. Now the tenant dah nak keluar so we all boleh masuk rumah tu. Kalu ikutkan table top yg ikat batu tu, nak jer i remove and then install yang baru. sbb tak cantik contractor tu buat. tapi memandangkan duit tak cukup nak pasang cabinet yang wow, so i hold it first. Let concentrate Kitchen-Bar-Counter first.

Last week , I went to several kitchen cabinet shop just to have an idea what is the latest design for 2012. Most of it , they introduced acrylic, 3g and glossy surface material for cabinet. Different shop different price. I think its good for you to survey first before making the decision. mane la tahu kot kot kene tipu tang harga material tu kan. So from my observation , ada yang letak harga quite pricey and ada yang murah. But I will still continue  hunting for my desire kitchen bar this weekend. To be precise, I like design macam pic ni.

I'm thinking of IKEA as well..but sumtimes their product or material not lasting long. But the design really melt my heart. Teruja bila tengok little space bole jadi cantik. Kitchen yang kecik pun dia pandai deco.
Damn I can hardly wait to see my project kitchen bar completed.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Projek Deko deko deko

Finally we decided to move out from my mil's house to our new crib next May. Innitial plan was in April but this afternoon received a call from the tenant requested to extend another 1 month before they move out. So as a kindhearted landlord hehe so perasan..i agreed as per their wish. Therefore i have another 3 months duration to save the RM and prepare the household things and not to forget deko deko deko.yeah. Well am really2 overwhelming to set up our new marriage life at our own desire..konon.haha not actually good at decorating..but i do have a good taste..chewah.perasan lg. First of all..need to decide what is the theme of our new crib. This time around i hope that nobody will interfere my decision what to be used what to be choosed and what to be decorated. (disclaimer: i don't hv any chances to select and decide what i want during my wedding) its our house a place where we build dreams and our generation. Hence this house needs my magic touch in order to build so-called rumahku syurgaku. Now the issue is... 'Its all about the money, money' Ade duit sume jalan...kasi upah ID sume cantik. But to my point here..i want to prove a minimal decoration might as well can have suasana rumahku syurgaku.. Enough say lets pump the ideas!
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Monday, 6 February 2012

makan free di restoran Berlauk Bandar Baru Bangi

At last i have sumting to write. First of all lets selawat ke atas Nabi junjungan umat Islam Nabi Muhammad SAW. Semoga kita mendapat shafaat nye di akhirat kelak. Sempena maulud nabi, restoran Berlauk yang terletak di seksyen 7 Bandar Baru Bangi ini telah menganjurkan makan free di mana salah satu usaha murni untuk menyambut maulidur rasul. Byk pahala tuan empunya restoran ni. Tak semestinya pada bulan ramadhan je kite bersedekah. Bulan2 lain pun kite bole buat. No doubt restoran berlauk ni mmg laku dan ramai yg mkn tengahri disini. Harga mkn standard la..harga keuntungan mmg melimpah ruah kalu kene dengan selera. Mmg saya respek dgn tuanrestoran ni. Rezeki yg beliau perolehi beliau sedekahkn mkmnn sempena maulud nabi ni. Alhamdulillah. Moga dengan unjuran sedekah sebegini akn menambahkn lagi rezeki beliau. Saya rasa usaha sebegini sepatutnye dicontohi restoran2 lain. Tak jatuh muflis nya kalu kita bersedekah. Malah rezeki akan dtg melimpah ruah lg. Oh ya the owner is a kelantanese. Normaly apa yg saya perasan,kalu restoran owner dia org kelantan, pada setiap hari jumaat pasti mereka akn bersedekah buah pisang. Kalu bukan buah pisang.....bubur pisang disajikn free tuk pelanggan dia. Sgt sweet...kan Mybe ade juge restoran lain pun buat cuma saya je tak tahu lg.

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