Thursday, 29 March 2012

gubahan fresh flower

Seriously this is good tip for cut-cost-budget-dais! Book the lowest price of any kind of pelamin. Atleast you already hv kerusi, frame or whatsoever they called, and tapak nk letak kerusi tu la kan..then pergi petaling street beli bunga fresh only cost you rm300 untuk dpt byk sgt bunga...then gubah la sendiri..cucuk cucuk je...mesti cantik punye.. Mase i kawen dulu, my dais deco kate kalu nk fresh flower kene tambah rm800-rm1000. Nk cantik punye pasal..i pun confirm nk amik fresh flower nye bile dh setting segala bagai...bunga yg dtg ciput aje...serius hampa Kat bwh preparation during my brother in law kawin. My mil booking pelamin yg plg murah. Tp kami sendiri selitkn dgn fresh tadaaaaaa....tak yah kuar duit byk2

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waiting is painful

While waiting my number to be called at kumpulan medik ni..i heard a conversation between son and mother. Just couple of seat next to me. Her son was reading a comic. Mother: baca la perlahan sikit. Ramai org sakit kat sini. Son: still reading out loud Mother: oo..tak nak dgr cakap mama ye. Asik nk dengar ckp dia je. Son: ye la..akim dah lama dgr ckp mama. Mother: tak baik ckp mcm tu.. Dalam hati ni..lucu pulak dgr jawapan anak dia..lucu tu mmg la lucu untuk budak darjah satu. Tapi kalu nanti ko dah umur 13 or 14..dah x lucu ye...take note tht. Reminder to myself as well
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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

its a hard desicion

I know its a hard decision for me. But i keep to move on. Its the day tht i made my life change. The time has come for me to seek an oppotunaty and challenge at others place. Im doing this for my family sake. If i stay..i will be at the same level. I need new energy at a new place. Ya rabb please guide me and show me the right way for better future.amin
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Monday, 5 March 2012

walimatul urus shikin and shahrizal

Congratulation to the bride and groom. You guys are so match and intimate to each other.super adorable.. And the bride..u are so pretty..wish you happy together and may Allah blesses you and family.

Seriously..i like your chiffon veil..i heart it to bits...
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Kenanga wholesale city

So i've been here for the first time ever. Its a new building i tell you and way more condusive compared to other wholesaler building. I heard that everything are that true?? To me its not that cheap like what i heard. You hv to buy in bulk if you wanna get cheap price. I dont know why am not so overwhelming when wandering n surveying the shop every floor to floor.

But i like the escalator. Its a brand new escalator. It still purely black and clean.hehe Ntah la..i think pegi jln tar cari tudung lg best kot.
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