Monday, 27 April 2015

TTC Journal 2015 update

For those who still looking for treatment to conceive a baby, you can try do it at LPPKN, Jalan Raja Laut, KL. If you want fast procedure then you can opt to have it at private hospital or private clinic. Coz maybe some of the procedures they combined in one visit. As myself, I choose to do it at LPPKN. Let me share with you guys my visit to LPPKN from the start and also the budget for every visit. I’m now at the stage waiting for any good news. Based on my x-ray result, doctor advised me to go for IUI (intrauterine insemination) treatment. The treatment started during my first day of period. On the first day period, I have to make a call to LPPKN to make an appointment. The assistance advise me to see the doc on the 4th day period to take fertility drugs. So on the 15/4/2015, after the consultation, doc gave me clomid pills for 5 days consecutive consumption and also HuMog to stimulate the ovulation. I kinda shocked when doc said this Humog is in a form of injection and I have to do it by myself at home. I’m like seriously doctor??? Well after the guidance from doc’s assistance and my first injection, it wasn’t pain at all.. I am no afraid to needle anymore.

The rules of taking clomids was that I have to take it in 5 consecutive days during my period after my dinner meal in a fixed time. Let say first night I took at 9pm, then the following nights the pills must be consumed at the same time at 9pm. Fyi, this clomid helps to stimulate my ovaries to release eggs (more eggs). Then Humog will helps to develop several mature eggs for fertalisation. Same goes to Humog, I must take it in a fixed time as well. So I took it at 9.30pm. And to prepare it, it took about 15 minutes, Fyi, unlike clomid, humog only taken 3 times in alternate days.


Once done with the drugs, I must come back again to do an ultrasound scanning. To proceed with IUI, I must have 3 matured eggs. While scanning, doc only found 1 matured egg. Unfortunately, I cannot proceed with IUI. Probably the dosage of Humog not so power to matured my eggs. So I have to ‘re-do’ again and this time around doc will provide me more dosage of humog. To ‘re-do’ again I have to wait another cycle of my period. For my case, with one matured egg, doc gave me one HucoG injection to break it and ready for impregnation with a natural way (kaedah bersama gitu). After 24 hours hucog absorb in my body, the egg is likely ready to meet the sperm. So not to miss out my subur day, doc advise us to ‘Bersamamu’ 3 hari berturut2..hihi… (hey pls read it as in knowledge term ok)

So , so , so… after the hard strive, we berserah kepada Allah semoga rezeki kami ada. And if it unsuccessful, I will meet Dr Komathi again for another session.

Below is the budget for every visit for your guidance if you wish to have a treatment at LPPKN. Please note that the costing is excluded IUI procedure. And the costing also might vary for every patient. But the estimation is around below figure.

Payment for
KPJ Kajang
HSG xray
LH/FSH, STD, Blood group
PH(Darah), STD, B.Group
Clomid, HumOG
Consult, HuCOG