Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My Urine Pregnancy Test showing double lines

Alhamdullilah praise to Allah. I did pregnancy test yesterday up to 4  times morning and evening and the kit returns positive result. Is this for real?? Was the 2 lines consider me pregnant? I want to feel happy, but I refrain myself from feeling that way coz I just afraid the excitement won’t last long. I W.A my husband about the 2nd result and he kinda shocked that I re-test again when I reach home from work. He text me back that ‘ don’t be so sure until we do a check up’. Well being me who not so patience enough, I decided to go to clinic. I bring my mom to accompany me coz husband was not around.
1,2,3 doing at home, 4 testing at clinic

The result still the same, positive. But she defined it weak positive because the testing line quite fade. So I asked doc to scan me (tummy). At the screen, it showing my womb kinda thick whereas either I’m pregnant or the period is about to release.  So she asked me to do scanning in 2 weeks time. Probably during that time can see the kantung. As of now, I can’t be so happy until doc confirm that I am truly pregnant. I don’t want to wait till 2 weeks. This coming Saturday surely I'm going to bring husband to clinic to do scanning.

We’ve been married for about 5 years. My aunties and uncles very concern about us when are we going to get a baby. One of my aunty asked me to adopt a baby. My husband was ok with that idea but me, I want to try first with effort. We just discussed about adopting baby among families recently. Deep down inside me I feel hurt. I want my own baby. I want to see the junior me. How she would look like..you see that, I want a baby girl =)

My mil and fil so far understand with our condition. They never push or asking about having kids. My mother plak, hmmm assumed me sterile. Haih.. that’s really hurt mom. That’s why I bring mom with me last night. Your daughter aren’t sterile.

Right now, how I wish I can tell the whole world that I’m pregnant. You see, a good news need to be shared.  Mil , fil, sibling, relatives must be happy knowing that I’m pregnant. At this moment, I need to keep this secret. Too bad I'm not a good secret keeper. I had told some of my colleagues that my UPT was positive.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Will there be a good news??

Today is 29th day ever since my 1st period last month. Looking at my period cycle, normally on the 30th or 31st my period is coming. The initial symptoms of period obviously there. PMS, pimples,  too sensitive - like I get piss off if nobody reply my wassap message.

Nevertheless, so long the period haven't comes, I pray that I still have hope to conceive. This is what I've gone through every months wishing that I have good news. There was a month that my cycle was 36 days and on the 31st onward, I started to do the pregnancy test daily. Sadly, the result was negative. I can't imagine how my feeling would be if the kit showing positive.

And for this month I pray that my natural way to conceive baby is granted by Allah. Otherwise, another IUI session after Puasa.