Thursday, 12 January 2012

trip to genting highland

Looking for a budget trip to genting highland? Here you go..noticed tis sign board at hentian kajang. For me it is affordable and really suit for students and also untuk org org yg cheapskate juge.hee

But there's a pro n con by choosing this package. Naik bas ni tak confirm selamat atau tidak. Coz We always watched news whereby the terrible accident happened to the bus...
Anyway it is qada qadar..everthing happens already written there. So naik je lah bus tu...hihi..kalu naik kerete pun tak semestinye selamat kan..same jer..
As long as it is affordable...its yayy for me...go and get your's at the counter here at kjg.

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  1. golden pakej tu termasuk apa?

    salam perkenalan ya dear!