Sunday, 8 April 2012

Luncheon with girlfriends and hubby

We adore ourselve at Chillis midvalley this noon. We depart from our house to midvalley at 11am to avoid jam and queing at chillis. This is the first time ever my hubby join me having a good times with my girlfriends. I firstly thought its gonna be awkward when there is only 1 man and the rest are girls. No its not. Hubby can adapt himself chit chatting with my friends. So its a good sign for me to bring along my hubby outing with my frens in next other time. But then the problem is shall my hubby wants to follow me or not? He always refuse whenever i ask him to join me and he said he kinda shy. Nevertheless, I go out with my frens with his permission. 'The wife must obey the husband.' bear in mind darling. I shall remember this moment and that is why i keep it in here. I love u sayang

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