Wednesday, 10 October 2012

2 years married to a lovely husband

Its our annivessary today! yayy...

First and foremost we are so damn happy and deeply loving each other ever since we moved to our own nest. Now I realize, we actually need our own privacy. Im not complaining that living with parents or in laws is not adviseble or awful things or disaster or whatsoever you may call. My in-laws were sooo nice and kind to me. It just that we hardly shown our love in front of the family coz both of us are shy.We intimate , we cuddling, we touch, we kiss,we hugging only in our room..We don't have freedom to do it publicly in the house. Plus our previous nature of work also made us less intimate. Now living in our own, we had so much quantity and quality time. I would say tht we are in the comfirt zone rite now...We are soo in love more n more n more..
Happy second annivesarry husband. I don't know what challenges or obstacles will come to us but what I know, I'll embrace your love, hugs and kisses.... .I care less about what will happen later but what I know I'll cherish it as long as I can.We are too happy rite now even we are ok tht no celebration for our 2nd annivessary. I think I get a concept what is happiness. To me our happiness is when we cook together, we eat together , do laundry together, watching Tv together,solat together, shower together(hihi) and garderning together. Its priceless ya know. Thank you Allah for showering us bless and happiness to my tiny family. To husband, thank you for being a responsible and caring husband.I appreciate it much.

lotsa lurve...


  1. I guess i've missed some of your entry here! Never thought that u have been married for almost 2 years! Happy anniversary dear! Gonna celebrate mine this coming Dec. Tapi 3 years lar. My doa for both of you and for us as well hoping that there's lil junior in the family soon. :D

  2. Happy annivessary in advance to you too =)
    InsyaAllah. Zara AB Jr will be coming soon. hehe

    So takde travelog lagi ke?

    1. Insya Allah, early Nov. Will be flying to Surabaya. This time nak cover Mt. Bromo, Batu, Malang and Surabaya town. Next will be Thailand itupun March next year. Another big project somewhere in June. Baru dapat green light from En Hubby yesterday night.