Monday, 18 June 2012

Dinner time

So last nite we had our first dinner at our new crib. Fyi We don't hv a dining table. Yes I want it tht way. For the first 2 or 3 years let it be and we just eat on the floor or at mybe at the bar counter. Oh ya bar counter belum siap lg. Ok back to the topic hubby suggest kite mkn like buffet basis. Nasi n lauk amik dkt dapur. Then we both mkn sambil tgk tv. Hehe. Yeah i know that is not the proper way having your meal. But then we really enjoy our privacy time where nobody can disturb us. Hmmm. Mybe one day i nk cari japanese table. Mkn like japanese style. One thing i tk nk dining table yet coz it gonna eat spaces in the house. I nk lapang je coz kalu my nephew or nieces dtg diorng bole main dgn happy. Lari sana lari sini.

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