Wednesday, 22 February 2012

set tv pulok

Instead looking for a desire bar counter, I was also looking for TV and fridge as well for my new house. So today , I went to Sogo and having some cuci mata @ Electrical Appliances floor.
For fridge not so many choices I can put in my list. But for TV, I just fell in love with Samsung. Lesson for today, how to buy a television. Today only I understand the different between plasma tv, LCD tv and LED tv. Tq salesman. Although I didn't buy any at your store, but I gain some knowledge.
Let me share with you folks.

This kind of plasma, same with ordinary tv before keluar TV yg leper-leper ni. They use gas and it consume more electrical power. It just that, they are flat screen.

additional info: TV1, TV2, TV3, TV9, TV8, TV7 = analog, these suitable to watch with plasma Tv

 Totally same with monitor flat screen.LCD - liquid crystal display. Electrical power consuming less than plasma tv. LCD TV is good to watch High Definition (HD) mcm astro beyond.
additional info : LCD guna byk elektrik berbanding plasma TV la ghupenye
Light Emitting Diode - Seriously i tak tau menatang ape..but to my understanding the screen gune diode. Every single color yg keluar at the screen, they are using diode. Save energy indeed. save more than LCD.

Smart TV
They are LED as well and also ade WIFI beb. Mmg very the smart. Bole online kat tv tu. Ultimately. you can now watch youtube dekat screen besar tu beb, kalu dah boring tgk Tv, kite surfing la, tgk videoklip ker, upin ipin ker.hehe.. Save enrgy lagi. mmg ko smart sgtlah tv oi.

additional info : salesman dkt COURT ckp setakat online 4-5 kali bole la, lama2 rase leceh, baik gune laptop
Once you know the type of tv, now you can compare the price.. surprisingly tv sekarang dah murah2. You can get 42 inch below than 2K.. Mase dulu2 , harge tv leper ni RM3-4K..sekarang dah murah..Now TV semua sama, different brand but same technology.

Tips: Kalau anda nak jimat pakai electric, make sure the electrical appliances yang anda pilih, ade sticker kuning from Sirim.
Plasma TV

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