Tuesday, 26 March 2013

E-Day @ Seri Melayu Restaurant

Last Saturday I went to Restaurant Seri Melayu. I have never been there actually until one of my colleagues invited me to attend her engagement day. Now only I knew that you can make your own occasion at the restaurant. What I had in mind was that the restaurant only serves lunch buffet and dinner buffet for tourist and locals plus cultural performance. So katak bawah tempurung kan. But recently what I heard about this restaurant they gonna demolish it after June 2013 or by this June 2013 (something related to June la). You know Harrods? The latest owner of Harrods had bought the land and probably the first Harrods Store in Malaysia will stands there at Jalan Conlay. I just heard people talking about it whether true or not, we’ll see. 

My first time ever attending Engagement Day at restaurant. Quite jakun sikit. I actually like the idea of having an occasion like E-day at Seri Melayu Restaurant because the building itself maintaining the Malay cultural heritage. As you get inside the dining hall, you will be pleased to hear the sound of gamelan which makes you feel like you are in Istana Melayu. This is totally a new experience for me. They also provide VIP room where I believe this room is for multipurpose use and such for E day event; this is the place where discussion between two families takes part. Similarly like rumah kampong, you have to take off your shoes, everyone like duduk bawah, and facing the mini pelamin. To me kan mini pelamin nowadays gempak..walawei gitu. Cantik betul mini pelamin kawan ku ini. Kalu ada tok kadi, dah selamat dah sumenye hehe..coz everything dah in order.

Talking about foods, RSM serves an authentic Malay cuisine where I found deliciously tasty. The foods presentation also catches my eyes. I like the dessert tables where all traditional kuih being served to the guests. The attraction part was ' dulang paha' used as a prop to serve the kuih. Niceee kan.. Idea ni idea ni..Bole buat kat rumah ni kalu nk buat majlis ape2. Oh ya dlm byk2 kuih kan, kalu RSM serve keropok lekor losong sure bertambah2 Malay authentic kan? hmmm..I should meet their chef and suggest this that day. 

5 things why I fond of her E Day:-
1. the make up not over do hence she looks flawless..anyway she has flawless skin even without putting a make up
2. Her gorgeous dress really makes her looks stunning
3. Simple yet classy of hantaran. One of the hantaran is pistachio..so rare. 
4. Spacious vip room. 
5. Ample car park

She don't use fresh flower, tp nice kan..tp towel tu mcm out sikit..hehe

flawless skin. Isn't she pretty?

congrats my dear friend. 

Dessert table. Table cloth kain batik je

Door gift. 

VIP table. Unfortunately we were not belong to this table.huhu
kalu tak bole bawak balik ferrero roche

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