Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Foot Reflexology @Bandung

If you want to have a foot reflexology during your trip at Bandung, then I strongly suggest you to stay at Naval Hotel. Why? Coz there are two massage house next and opposite the hotel and it just walking distance. 

Next to the Hotel is ZEN family reflexology. And the opposite Hotel, sorry can't remember but the service quite similar with ZEN they provide you foot and body massage. Only the concept is traditional Chinese ancient.  And mahal sikit extra RP10K. First nite I massage dekat ZEN second nite I massage kat opposite hotel.Sorry 2nd nite tu tak bwk camera.

I snapped a gal next to me. See the service they provided to us. Service 5 bintang, tapi harga kaki 5 shj. RM16 for one hour.

 First step, dia akan cuci kaki dulu, and massage2 sikit...kasi bersih dulu, then baru dia bwk pi kat kerusi urut untuk next step.

 Ni pic apa plak ni? Ni small tv screen. During the massage, they will provide you a headphone and small tv screen that attached with you chair.

Before massage they will ask you , nak lelaki ke or perempuan massage u. Of coz I want cewek massage me kan. tp cewek sume occupied.hehe terpaksa pilih cowok yg tinggal. Coz that nite mmg full house. fyi dlm tu mcm ada lebih kurang 50 kerusi and bayang kan  almost 50 kerusi tu occupied. Maknanya tukang urut pun 50 org la kan?

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