Friday, 25 October 2013

Resepi agar-agar OREO

i did google agar2 oreo..and mostly they are same recipe from one blog to the other blog..i tried to search recipe that my sil shared with me, but couldnt find let me share here for you to try...i did improvised it to my liking..

agar-agar paket 10g
400 ml full milk or 400 ml susu cair
ice cream vanilla
telur satu biji
esen vanila
air 900ml
oreo satu paket

how to make? so simple my dear...

boil the agar2 with the sugar....the sugar is up to you...if you like sweet then put more, I put 1 cup of sugar
then...using blender, pour 400ml fresh milk OR 400ml susu cair...either one kay...if kat rumah ada susu kotak gune susu kotak, kalu ade susu cair bole gune susu cair..., then  masuk telur 1 biji, ais krim vanilla, esen vanilla...blend all this, lagi byk ais krim lagi sedap..but me put about 3 big scoop of ais krim...then pour it into the boiling agar2....tutup api kacau.....

and the essence ingredient  of coz oreo, patah2kan...campak dalam acuan empat segi ke, tupperware ke,alumium foil ke, bekas kaca ke...which ever u like, masukkan agar2 yg dah masak tadi into the bekas yg ada oreo tu..done, dah sejuk sikit bole masuk peti ais...this is suke2 hatilah punye can actualy improvise it.. just be creative...

thats it.. sorry no picca...
sebab agar2 dah selamat abes..baru nk up recipe...

anyway, lama tak update coz myself is busy the bee... 

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