Saturday, 30 November 2013

Air Asia vs Malindo Air

I just now purchased 2 air fare tickets with different low cost budget airline. First I purchased tickets frm Air Asia. As usual I need top up RM25 for 15KG luggage back to KL. And then when I choose to pay direct debit payment, there was a processing fees of RM4 per payment. (This is new. Last time I did a review paying via direct debit is worth than using C.Card - no charge when u opt direct debit method of payment) Extra 29 ringgit I need to spend more. To me itu perkara biasa lah dengan Air Asia ni.
After the payment was successful, I don't know why suddenly I thought about Malindo Air..I feel like I want to make a comparison with the destination that I choose just now. Hellooo...Malindo Air is giving a super deal at this moment...without hesitation, I straight away sign up myself as Malindo air customer. Their super deal was great. The air fare ticket inclusive of 15Kg luggage and the best part also is free inflight entertainment. If umur panjang, this will be my first time travelling by Malindo Air. So guys, do peep Malindo Air website and grab yourself one or two local destination fly in 2014.Oh ya, not forget to mention I got RM2 off coz using CIMB c.card payment. Initially I wanted to pay using direct debit coz dlm otak ni dah set if guna c.card, sure kene extra attempt to pay using direct debit, it was failed due to my saving is not available at this moment (1am) i guess they are doing some kind of UAT...maybe la..previously I buat txn at this kind of time bole aje. So bck to my story, if u use cimb click, you will also get RM2 off. and CIMB credit card as well you entitled rm2 off.

yay for Malindo Air

ps: ok hubby, now your turn for the Hotel. I'm broke now. hehe


  1. If i'm not mistaken every economy class ticket comes with 20kg free baggage instead of 15kg as mentioned by you earlier.

    Btw, mana mau pergi nie?

    1. Checked itinerary, mine is 15kg..pegi KCH. U pegi langkawi dpt 20kg ke?