Thursday, 14 May 2015

What happened next?

Opps, I got my period on 8th May 2015. Well, I was a bit down coz the conceive part is not happening via 'manual' way. So in the afternoon I straight away called LPPKN to make an appointment. The doc assistance advised me to come on Tuesday and meet doc. I thought I just only come and get the medicine but she said I have to meet the doctor for consultation too. So ok, my appointment was set up at 8am.

Come to Monday, I have 50-50 feelings to continue or not to see doc for IUI. When I think back, I have to give fully commitment to come to the clinic where at least 3 visits. But this month, I already planned and took AL for 2 days coz I'll be going to Terengganu on 25th and 26th for personal matter. I'm afraid the date will clash with my treatment schedule just in case I need to come to the clinic for the procedure. I can't cancel my flight nor cancel my IUI procedure.  So I made decision to differ my IUI treatment to next cycle of period tentatively in June. Hence, last Monday I called back the doc's assistance to cancel the appointment.

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