Friday, 5 June 2015

Will there be a good news??

Today is 29th day ever since my 1st period last month. Looking at my period cycle, normally on the 30th or 31st my period is coming. The initial symptoms of period obviously there. PMS, pimples,  too sensitive - like I get piss off if nobody reply my wassap message.

Nevertheless, so long the period haven't comes, I pray that I still have hope to conceive. This is what I've gone through every months wishing that I have good news. There was a month that my cycle was 36 days and on the 31st onward, I started to do the pregnancy test daily. Sadly, the result was negative. I can't imagine how my feeling would be if the kit showing positive.

And for this month I pray that my natural way to conceive baby is granted by Allah. Otherwise, another IUI session after Puasa.

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