Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Projek Deko deko deko

Finally we decided to move out from my mil's house to our new crib next May. Innitial plan was in April but this afternoon received a call from the tenant requested to extend another 1 month before they move out. So as a kindhearted landlord hehe so perasan..i agreed as per their wish. Therefore i have another 3 months duration to save the RM and prepare the household things and not to forget deko deko deko.yeah. Well am really2 overwhelming to set up our new marriage life at our own desire..konon.haha Well..im not actually good at decorating..but i do have a good taste..chewah.perasan lg. First of all..need to decide what is the theme of our new crib. This time around i hope that nobody will interfere my decision what to be used what to be choosed and what to be decorated. (disclaimer: i don't hv any chances to select and decide what i want during my wedding) its our house a place where we build dreams and our generation. Hence this house needs my magic touch in order to build so-called rumahku syurgaku. Now the issue is... 'Its all about the money, money' Ade duit sume jalan...kasi upah ID sume cantik. But to my point here..i want to prove a minimal decoration might as well can have suasana rumahku syurgaku.. Enough say lets pump the ideas!
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