Tuesday, 11 November 2014

TTC Journal updated

TTC Journal

4 years of marriage, we are lonely actualy without having a kid.

On the 4th year of marriage, we decided to see doctor and identify what is our problem.

23.10.2014 - First appointment with LPPKN clinic.
                     Result : The male result is good.

13.11.2014 - HSG x-ray at KPJ Kajang
                     Result: fallopian tube is good.

3.12.2014 - Taking blood on 2nd day period.

22.12.2014 - Taking blood on 22nd day period.

Allahuma yassir wala tu'asir ya karimm


  1. Allah suka orang yang berusaha. Tahniah.
    Jangan pernah berhenti minta pada Dia. Good luck.