Friday, 14 September 2012

The dusun : a serene place to ease your 'jiwa kacau'

It was last year my girl frens and I been here for 1 nite stay. Located at Seremban,  I guess not far from KL.
Not inner in the city but its located within org asli settlement area. I recommend you hv a visit once here for a 1 nite stay, thats enough for a mini vacation with your family or frens or husband. This place is so quite and serene. You will not see any kedai started from the main road to this place.
I will not suggest you to drive here by Kancil or Viva or vehicle under 1000 cc as you hv to go thru some road yg berbatu batu kecil..And you will also need climb the hill like 140degree up to the hill. (kalu gune 4wheeldrive lg bagus) I think for more info you can google The Dusun, more pics available in their website.

We stayed at Tembusu House where it can fit 4 people at one time. The Tembusu house rate is RM400 per nite. So we divided into 4 , RM100 per head plus RM50 for foods. Fyi, this place only provide breakfast meal according how many person stayed in the house. For dinner or tea break, you will need to prepare by yourself. Nasib baik, we all ada sorang chef. So masak2 ni serahkan pada beliau. Foods prepared by her: marinated chicken, udang , sosej, potatoes, mashed potatoes for BBQ then cucur udang, sos bagai, goreng sosej for tea time. Air? air kosong je. Itu yg lagi sedap.hehe

An infinity pool

View from the edge of the pool

A place for tea time and BBQ. They provide the BBQ pit for your convenient. From the Tembusu house to the pool, you hv to walk like 5 minutes distance. We dont do our BBQ here, we just had our's at our house. Yup every house ada BBQ pit. No worries.

Looks like infinity kan, tapi sebenarnye ada tangga turun bawah tu ha..Tak perlu ada raya gayat.

Below: Of course ada pokok durian yg banyak. You can eat what eva  fruits yg ada disitu and you can eat as much as you can.

PS : Its a private property owned by mat salleh. Do expect dogs will mingle around for their security purposes.


  1. hi yuh. yg tembusu house tu die ada bilik2 ke dlm tu? macam best aje nak pegi ni.

    1. Tembusu house tu sebuah rumah yang takde bilik and takde dinding depan(very hard tu explain).bunyi mcm scary bile tido mlm2 or nk tuka baju, tapi for me suke kelainan, I like it so much. Cube reen pegi website dia ke or facebook dia The dusun. Dlm rumah tu ade 1 quenn bed and 1 single bed. Org yg ke 4 akan tido atas toto la in between katil queen and single bed.

  2. tak tertutup ke tembusu house?