Friday, 12 October 2012

If I have a maid

1. I want her from Siam or Cambodia.
2. I will make a time table and job description for her
3. To include massage in her job description. (hehehe)
4. Sunday is her off day
5. She can make an extra money by cleaning my parents house or who ever needed one day maid service.
6. I will do appraisal to assess her performance and reward her bonus if she achieved the KPI (seriously)
See I'm a good employer if I were to hire a maid. Actually I believe a maid will be diligently doing the house chores or taking care the baby if the employer provide a good facilities, clear instruction and respect their needs and emotion. To me, this is what I want from my employer, as a result, u enjoy with your work, no stress and loyal to the company. I think diorang pun begitu. I want my maid also being loyal to me. So I will treat them nicely but then I must remember there's always boundary between majikan and pembantu rumah.
Why I don't prefer maid from I***N?
Majority are ok. but monority is not ok.
Last 2 weeks,I brought my nephew to the playground nearby my house. While accompany and watched him play, there were a group of i***n maid having their gossiping time. Seriously I feel so sakit hati the way diorang becerita.Ntah apa la yang mereka tak puas hati. Thats the thing I don't prefer Indon to be my future maid.Petang2 bwk my kid to playground then buat mesyuarat jiran tetangga sesama golongan diorang. Then mengumpat majikan dia sendiri.So talam dua muka. Some cases, dari sini lah they will start create problem. masing2 compare gaji masing2 then yg di bayar rendah akan mintak naik gaji n will mogok tak nak makan kalu tak naik gaji.Then ckp majikan abuse..(Emo plak pepagi ni)I So my option is , kalu ada rezeki,I want maid from Siam or Cambodia. They are less comunity among them and none I heard problem.

Tp I tahu now nak dapatkan orang gaji sangatlah susah. Now maid punya rate RM700 dah. Ntah I n husband can afford or not later. I heard that Cambodia punya King dah tak nak issue permit untuk bekerja di Malaysia as a maid. Payah dah sekarang. Haish....


  1. org penah igt saya maid Dyzhwar pasal saya bawa dia ke taman permainan kat area rumah kami. maybe takde ibu yang bawa anak sendiri ke taman, majoriti maid yang bawa .. atau mungkin saya selekeh masa tu cam og gaji. .. saya lebih suka fikirkan kemungkinan yang pertama heheh

  2. agak nye saya pun dianggap maid masa bawa ank buah ke playground tu... =)

  3. U've the same thought as my husband. Since we've been to Cambodia before, hubby keep saying that, if we need a maid one day, dia nak amik dari Cambodia since derang ni susah sangat. Lagi plak, orang2 dia baik, sopan santun, soft spoken type. But, we definitely couldnt afford to have one at this point of time. :D

  4. Betul org cambodia soft spoken and sopan. And also some speak in english. Atleast kalu ade baby, baby leh start comunicate in english from small kan.

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