Friday, 7 September 2012

Open House

Alhamdulillah just had my free lunch at IT Get Together session. As I predicted, I received a lot of open house invitation this week and the following week. How blissful living in country named Malaysia. Malaysian like to eat kan. For tomorrow's activities, I have a wedding invitation and open house as well. Will definately attend both of it as I will meet up a lot of my ex school buddies over there. Husband will not join me as he has some agendas on his own. Before heading to my fren's wedd, my ex matrix buddies will be coming raya to my house and I hv yet finalize what to be served for tomorow's makan2.

Last week, one of my good buddy also was hosted an open house cum birthday celebration at her crib. Instead of scrumptious dishes were served to the guest, the best part was her candy corner or candy buffet design by herself. Plus cookies , macaroon, red velvet cake and birthday cake was solely homemade by her. I am soo amazed and when thinking of the preparation, I bet it takes 2 days early before the event. So proud of her. I still imagine the foods, satey, red velvet cake...oh man..

Pic-courtesy of Arfah's FB. Ok I took it without permission. To Arfah, jz in case u found this, I took your pic. Allow me please..hehe.

Sometimes, I get frustrated jugakla when in one day there were 2 -3 open house. You know la when there were so much foods, bukan semuanya food I mkn. Cause stomach already bloated, I tend to eat little at the next house tho the dishes sedap sedap. Then back to office, teringat pulak semua tuh. mcm mane tak frustrated. Can I request whoe ever it may concern, bole tak buat open house during weekdays. After office hour surely lapar then dapat mkn sedap2 will definately appreciation award goes to tuan rumah. Tapi satu hal pulak tuan rumah nk kene ambiil cuti nk prepare sume2 tu kan...haha...

My department pula will oraganize makan2 session next monday. Of cource looking forward to it coz ada satey...oh ya i like satay actually. One of my fav foods list...hehe..
I have seen the menu on that day, but sadly the desert only mix fruits. So I was thinking to bring agar-agar buah add on to the desert area on that day. Wish me luck la , coz it will be my first homemade ever agar agar buah. huhu....

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