Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Aktiviti Dapur - roti canai

Husband and I were watching drama Waris together last week. I was ironing baju and hubby lying on the couch. Come to the scene ‘breakfast time’, the actor Fiz Fairuz said to the kids ‘Mari makan roti canai (something like that la), ni papa buat pagi2 subuh lagi (lebih kurang la dialog nya). Out of sudden, hubby was like ‘nak buat roti canai la’. Me was like….??? ‘Hmm buat la’ showing the support to him. But deep down in me, biar betul? Mlm2 mcm n ink buat roti canai. Deng! Ok fine maybe he just joking di mlm hari…Hell no he actually really keen to make the roti canai. Asked for my fon searching for the recipe.
I just keep on grinned, we’ll see… So he straight away headed to the kitchen, looking for the easy ingredients, floor, buttercup, an egg and a pinch of salt. After uli2 things, I said to hubby , roti canai ni bole makan by tomorrow only.

So, tomorrow nya, Heh? Jadi ke ni? Why so yellowish? Hubby confessed he didn’t know how to tebar kan nya.. and he ask me how to tebar, please ajar tebar….Adeh la hubby ku.. I also dunno la hubby.

He tried several times, at first never give up but in the end, he gave up. I said kite buat lempeng je lah…..finally jadi lempeng aje..and the taste actually like kulit karipap tu punya....we ate with mil’s chicken curry anyway.. The chicken curry was the savior to our breakfast menu. If not, hubby will definitely surrender. I told mil recently about his passionate to roti canai and we all laughed out loud at him.

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