Friday, 28 September 2012

Water Purifier : Coway Satisfy your basic needs

Our house really need clean drinking water. At the moment we don't have such water filter. But I think every house should have one water filter. I don't trust much the level of cleanliness of water that being supplied from the state. (Sometimes air dia keroh kaler kuning. Bile basuh baju kaler kuning habes.What the heck kan. ) Since we don't have one, husband and I alternately get the R.O water from the machine yg sometimes available dekat kedai2 runcit. Okla cheap rather that buy a new bottle of water everytime nak drink kan. At first I can still tahan, but now kind of tiring every 2 days we have to top up back our clean drinking water. Normally 3 bottles of 5 litres can last for 2 days only. Was thinking to get one water filter for our house. There are plenty of brands water filter out there but to follow my desire, I love COWAY..hehehe seiring dengan tag line dia. But why Coway..??

OK. My previous company used to have COWAY water dispenser at the pantry. Very convenient I tell you. Hot ,cold and room temperature water available at anytime. And the best is, every 2 month service / maintenance to the water dispenser done by Coway people and its free of charge. Also if there were any faulty or problem to that appliance, they will fix it and F.O.C as well. From there I started think cool if I get one this at home. But for that model it ideal for workplace or big family. Coz it has large capacity of water tank. But for my situation, I think I need a petite one that suit with my small family.

The model  I interested most is Petit CHP - 06D. For this model, the design quite stylish and modern. (One of the reason I like it )And if happened tht I bought this, I have to pay RM110 per month up to 5 year service. After 5 years, the appliance will be mine, Just in case in 3rd year I want to stop the service, yes I may do so and the water purifier will be returned to Coway. This is for rental basis and if you want to own it you have to pay RM3400 and free 1 year service.

[Iklan jap, I can't see button to upload the picture for me to show you the model coz i'm writing this at the office. hehe..for 2 piccas above I upload using blogdroid then I edit this entry in the office and pretending like a busy one. Internet kat office not all can acces , even the button to upload pic also blocked. Dunno why, im not master in security]

There is pro and con between 'buy' and 'rental' . My previous company opt to 'rental' the water purifier or water filter or some may call water despenser is because of free 5 years service. Every 2 months they will come and service the appliance and free product check-up & filter changing services periodically. Senang ckp, byk free if you choose for rental scheme. Best kan. Same like mcm kita pakai kereta, air cond ke, fotocopy ke, every machine kene service la kalau nk barang baik kan...water filter kalau mahu tahan lama, kene service jugak yg penting service tu kalau free lagi bagus. Not like some product, bile call suruh datang service, kene bayo... Tapi kalu kita pilih untuk beli terus, service tu hanye untuk 1 tahun je free tapi harga satu unit jadi murah la. So there's pro and con di situ. Tepuk dada tanya selera lah. Akhir kata, I nak rent.hehehe

Celoteh je lebih , tapi ntah bila I nak call Coway and sign up for rental scheme.


  1. ofis saye pun guna best.amat best :)

    1. senang sebenarnya..actualy mane2 brand pun ok.
      tp yg paling untung bila nk servis, biarlah percume kan kan kan

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  2. Hi dear, my hubby is a Coway agent. If u nak buat rental/nak beli can contact me at 0126411174/email Thanks!!!

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