Wednesday, 9 May 2012

GLC Town Hall Engagement With The PM

It was held at PICC on last Thursday with the Prime Minister. Actualy I didn't understand at all what is all about..OK shhhhhhh...don't let the P.M knows about this. What I knew as of now, the GLC (government-linked Company) refers to corporate entity that may be private or public where an existing government owns a stake using a holding company. OK.Lets make it simple, a company previously wholly owned by the government but now di swasta kan. Some of the examples , PNB, UMW, Maybank, CIMB, Tabung Haji, Telekom, MAS Airline, KWSP, KTMB, etc, etc..

So the P.M enforced all warga GLC to improve the performance  in the company itself in order to achive Vision 2020. Hehe nasty comment from me, as a working level like me, what is the contribution that I can give? . I guess the right audience is the top management or the GLC board in order to transform the country towards vision 2020. hehe however...I really enjoyed townhall with the P.M as we met a lot of people from various company. And we sang 1 Malaysia all together..Fun!

The best part of the day was, I managed taking photo with CEO of Maybank. haha CEO sendiri pun tak amik gambar. Well Datuk Wahab really humble kind of person. He took bus to get to PICC along with his staffs. We took photos not using my camera nor my HP, But using his BlackBerry to snap our photos. Am proud of myself coz my picture is his BB yooo

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