Friday, 4 May 2012

Blog Header

I don't like my Blog Header. During the creation of this blog, I don't have any idea what to put so-called nice header. But for temporary it is Tentang LadyDiary, pretty lame huh. The layout also veghy veghy the simple. Looks like my imagination has faded away and I can't imagine what sort of color or design that can please my eyes. Currently, hentam je la labu...

I think di office adalah tidak sesuai untuk saya meluangkan masa untuk menghapdet blog. Bila di rumah, wifi kadang-kadang takde signal langsung. That is why I seldomly open my notebook. And that is why I update my blog once in a blue moon. And that is why I don't setting my blog layout nicely.

Now, curi2 update blog di kala makan tengahri time.

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