Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A book to give away

Who like reading a book?????? (raise your leg plzz..)

I don’t like to read but I force myself reading a book. So I started with Sophie Kinsella’s book. The first book I bought was “A confession of shopaholic”.
Interesting and nice plot and had witty character….plus the language also light and easy…..
Since then, I bought all of the shopaholic series. I had chemistry with her writing. Be it shopaholic series or not I can go along with her writing. I bought at carefour, coz I noticed it’s a bit cheaper than MPH.
(it was 4 years back, baca dalam train pegi keje balik keje)


Last year, (last year ke, Big Bad Wolf buat kat MAEPS tu?)……all sophie Kinsella’s book were just only at rm8….rm8 @BBW! Fainted!

Grrrr…..aku beli rm30 ko jual rm8 je…murah nye…, , peeps if you haven’t bought it, go and get it at BBW now at Mines Convention Centre.
It’s really worth every penny you spend.

Ok now,

I have one book which I’m not going to read it.
Bought it at previous BBW sale. I have no idea who is Emily Griffin, but that book was parked under ‘best seller’ item. And best seller item normally was awesome.
Plus it’s hard cover book. Double awesome.

It’s just that…… I had no chemistry or satisfaction reading ‘Love the one you’re with’
So I tried and I tried, I keep on trying to read you ‘book’….
Eventually, ‘Love the one you’re with’ is not my cup of tea….
I plan to give away this book to whoever interested. But make sure you will read ok..
So gals, kalau mahu ini buku…kasi tau haaa…The book still in good condition..
If you are within my place radius (kjg, putrajaya, bangi, ukm, serdang), I can send it by hand, but if you far away, far away, far away…I’ll post for u. =) no worries.

Membaca itu jambatan ilmu.

I still force myself membaca, though flicked 3 pages, dah ngantuk nak tido..

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  1. I read some reviews about this novel by emily giffin, not bad at all tapi some said yg her other novels lebih best..this one a bit slow tp taktaula kan i tak pernah baca yg lain2..bbw tu i tak smpat pegi lg sob sob sedih sbb i love books