Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Another 30minutes, its my birthday

Im turning out to 3 series yo. Hubby already wishes me 2 days ago and he admit tht he dont have any idea how to surprise me. Well i guess to throw the surprise is not important to me. Its not surprise anymore if you expected surprise frm the loved ones. Hubby said the present will be tv rack/ tv cabinet. Haha. Actualy tv cabinet is our mission to complete our home sweet home. Its not suppose to be a present. (by right) . He take advantage actualy to buy the tv cabinet as a present. Cos he dont want to mess up his mind wht to buy for his wife. Not so sweet kan.... That is my hubby. But i love him so much. Oh ya. Just now my mom gave me one set of tupperware. So i consider that is befday prezzie for me. Yey...i like that..thnks mama. Lepas ni freezer i kemas sikit.
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  1. selamat berpuasa...

    makneng follow sini
    jom follow makneng

    n hepi belated buzday

  2. Happy Birthday! Im gonna celebrate my 3 series this coming September as well. :D