Monday, 9 July 2012

Sungguh bahagia bila dpt internet access

woweeeee, best nye dapat ngadap pc and ada internet access. i got a good news just now,heee
but am half way to that..i wish i can tell the world about this...but i must keep it first...when the time has come, then only i will announce it.

All this while, i update my blog using my phone, quite leceh you know..i prefer typing rather than touching. Prefer big screen rather than small screen. Damn nikmat sungguh rase nye..i wish i have unifi in my house. or maybe fiber maxis. (ye ke) whatever it is, to have internet access is way to good than watching astro. I fell like connected you know. heeee but this previllage only last for next couples of hours.sigh
For the time being, for me to subcribe unifi or fiber maxis tak mampu lagi. Dugaan betul hidup sy nii. namun bile dikenang kan org yg susah, org2 zaman Rasulullah, dugaan mereka lagi hebat. Dan saya adalah org yg paling beruntung. alhamdulillah ya Allah. sham kamekazi selalu berpesan dlm fb beliau, sudah kah kite ucapkan alhamdulillah hari ni. Lantas sy ucap alhamdulillah.

I miss blogwalking. Blogwalking via phone mmg sgt tak hubby is calling. i got to go.


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