Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Buffet Ramdhan

I feel like to express my opinion about Ramadhan Buffet. A few days ago I saw an advertisement about  Ramadhan Buffet held in 4-5 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I can't recall what hotel is that. I'm quite surprise with the price per head they offered which is above than RM100. To me that is ridiculous when u spent that amount for 1 time breakfasting. RM100 for me equivalent 1 week stock barang dapur rumah aku.

This is only my thought but those can afford , RM100 is nothing. Who earn big money yes they can opt to have the pricey Ramadhan Buffet. No problemo. But people from moderate living like me please think twice. Not just twice but 100 times please. Actually during Ramadhan la we save our money. Have you ever think during normal month for instance before Ramadhan, do we actualy spent our daily meal like RM100? Nope rite...Say like breakfast u spent rm5, lunch rm15, and dinner rm10 = total damage is RM30 only. That calculation based on my maximum daily expenses. Jarang2 pun spent 30hinggit. See we tend to spend more during Ramadhan. I always bear in mind don't waste food and don't waste money during Ramdhan. I rather spend the money to give duit raya to my parents and kiddos.

Well I have an idea to have a wise buffet ramadhan. Take RM30 to Bazar Ramadhan, and spent it all. Then bring all to home and you can hv buffet at your house at a very comfy place. Nk solat magrib pun senang kan.Sometime I even had cross my mind, breakfasting with my frens with tht ideas. Let say i hv 5 frens Setiap orng spent rm30 kt bazar ramadhan then bwk blk mkn kat rumah sama2. I think tak abes mkn sampai sahur. Tp agak malu nk propose to my frens..

But then my friend's idea lagi brilliant. She suggested that this coming Friday , we'll be breakfasting at Masjid Besi Putrajaya. Buka sama2 then solat pun sama2. I think dgn cara sedemikian lagi merapatkan lagi hubungan kami. Hmmm teringat zaman Uni dulu.Oh missing my matriks mate and uni mates...I am so looking forward this Friday...

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