Thursday, 12 July 2012

I want to be skinny badly

Im kinda suck rite now..the level of my self esteem is very low.. i blogwalked and stumble to this blog. She is so adorable even she is now a mother to a cute baby boy. I like the way she dress up. Wearing hijab yet the attire still in sopan manner. I wish I can be like her. i wish only..saya gemok and that's is quite impossible to be like her.Unless i myself been thrown to somewhere in zimbabwe ke. biar kebuluq kat sana, bole la kurus..hehe.. bole pakai baju lawa2.. dressing maut lagi. hehe

Hello, wakeup okay. Be yourself don't try to compare yourself with others. if it continue like this, you 'll constantly lower down you self esteem and spirit. Damn I need some energy and courage. Ya Allah please help me..


  1. Dear..i'm sure u r beautiful just the way u r. Every woman is beautiful in her own way ;)

    1. thnx for your concern. trying my best to live in positive vibes...