Monday, 27 August 2012

Balang kuih

It been a week since Syawal. We are now move to 2nd week of Syawal. And I bet this week will gonna have a lot of 'open house' event among friends and relatives. This year I don't have any intend to organize an open house (mcm la tahun lepas buat kan..tak pun). I would prefer friends coming to  my house with schedule arrangement. If nak terjah2 pun ok, tapi makan kuih raya je la. Since tahun ni my husband and I jadi tuan rumah, of course we need balang kuih to served the kuih raya. Tahun ni tak sempat nak survey balang kat mall, but we got it from my SIL. I like it so much.The balangs originally coming in 1 set contains 3 balang with difference sizes. But for my case we bought 2 sizes, which is 4 small and 4 big. The big one I will fill in like kerepeks and the small defenitely for kuih kuih like tart nenas, choc chips and what not.'s not bff yesterday came raya to my house said that 'ini IKEA kan' oh no no no... It is from AKOJAYA..ever heard that?
If interested , yup can call or contact me for this lovely balang..

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  1. yg akojaya tu kena jadi member dulu ke baru bleh beli?

    cantik balang kueh tu :)

  2. oh tidak jugak. kalu tak jd member pun bole beli. cume kalu jd member dpt diskaun. tu je.

  3. Nice! I have something similar to this as well! Selamat Hari Raya.

  4. Selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin zaradiah abu bakar..hehe
    and selamat hari merdeka!!! -bunga daisy