Monday, 30 April 2012

Hubby and Wife Day Out

I think this entry will be a monthly basis entry. Gonna update what and where we went and what we ate. I just plan this but does it real or not we'll see. Looks like I update my blog once in blue moon only.
So went a lot of places over the weekend. We were hunting some electrical appliance oh wait refrigerator, washer machine and TV are we called them as electrical appliances? belasah je la labu. And guest what , we got our first Samsung refrigerator 560 Litters model at Tropicana Mall. I am soooooo over happy or ada perkataan lain tak yg hendak menunjukkan betapa gumbiranya saya...ok, saya sangat gumbira dapat new refrigerator. Titik. I can't wait to 'decorate' my refrigerator compartment with fruits, cadbury dairy milk products, strawberry bliss, 100 plus cans, and not to forget my signature Triffle. hahaha. It was co-incidently we found the best price of Samsung 560 L among others outlet that we had compared. Innitialy we went to Tropicana Mall for CrocsSale gila gila murah which new outlet is opening and the price is BUY 2 pairs @ RM100. Serious murahkan. So we got one. One for hubby and one for wifey. Once paid and out from the outlet, we grinned ear to ear. Mode : super excited. Dah la dapat peti ais, lepas tu dapat kasut pulak. Best sgt.
And next we shoot to Sunway Pyramid. Before that, just to recalled that the first place that we went is kedai letrik Toong King kat Kajang. Perbandingan barang yang hendak dicari bermula dari kedai Toong King ni. Hubby siap ambil kertas and pen take note the prices. At this point, we were unable to recognize whether the price murah or not. Then we headed to HLK Electrical Appliances. Nampak gaya harga agak tinggi sedikit berbanding the first store yang kami pergi. Then we off to ONKING. Harga? tak jadi jugak nak ambik barang kat sini. Mahal compared to the first store. Nampak gaya harga yang kami survey tak bole lawan dengan kedai Toong King yang dah berzaman terletak di pekan Kajang. Last2 kami jumpa harga peti ais yang best dekat Tropicana Mall. So we grab , booked , put some deposit and delivery made this weekend.

At Sunway Pyramid, we headed our way to Harvey Norman, Hubby said H.N is doing a big sale. I dunno whether the sale is reliable or not. Hmm, Like I said, the price cannot lawan kedai Toong king yang  turun temurun tuh. So we decided that washer machine and LCD Tv we shall buy them at Kedai Toong King. Gempak betul kedai Toong King ni. And to complete our happiness mode, we got our first bean bag from BIG BEAN. Hubby suka sangat dengan bean bag ni. Dia ckp bean bag ni sesuai untuk tonton TV sambil mkn pop corn. Oh yeah. I agree with you hubby. The best thing about our bean bag is the material is not like we used to find. It is waterproof and anti dust mite. Senang jaga. Nak cuci pun senang.

Thereafter, we had our mouthful dinner at Chicken Hartz buffet concept. Now turn hubby belanja. Am wondering why why why after 1 piece of drumstick and 3 pieces of nugget, I get full already? Is it because of ilusi optic nampak ayam byk trus jadi kenyang? maybe , maybe la.. tapi bile mkn dkt restraunt yg ntah tak brapa-famous-sbb-terpaksa-bcz-others restaurant-FULL during bulan puasa, rase mcm tak kenyang kalu mkn seketul ayam je. can I say that it was illusion things?

So to wrap my entry , we got our first NEWLY 3 item that made our day. Balik rumah, kepochi dengan mak la..tak sah kalu tak report dengan mak.

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