Sunday, 8 April 2012

my first triffle

I've made it yesterday and it all suddenly happened when i hv an idea to use puding caremel instead of castard. My sis in law used to hv it castard and the result kinda lembik sikit. So i told her i want to make a triffle but substract the castard to puding caramel.and we off to Giant for the ingrediants. And the result yummehhhh just tht the texture at the top layer a bit damage. Its ok first trial la katakan. The taste?..i give to myself 5 star.huhu...sodappp

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The ingrediants: 1. Swiss roll cake. (pandan flavor) 2. Instant puding caremal 3. Jelly crystal (strawberry flavor) 4. Coctail fruit. I choose peach fruit. 5. 1 ltr fresh milk. I opt dutch lady murahsikit.hihi thats it..easy peasy.... Cara cara nya...berenti di sini nk type..hihi .

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