Wednesday, 18 April 2012

sushi king bonanza!

My first time ever dine in at Sushi King. If it not about bonanza, entah bila nak merasa sushi king. So my comment is; there will be a second visit to sushi king again. But only during bonanza rm2 per plate. If not, when i total up in normal prices..wuhuuu...quite expensive. I went there with my sis in law. She is like 'S' size so our plate was not high enough compared to other table. Overall total damage with 2 person enjoying the bonanza time abt RM34. Kenyang jugak mkn nasi yg rase nye mcm pulut. And plus quite interesting eating the sushi in front of sushi-runaway. This is our plate. I classify it as medium-range-eat-lover. :-]

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