Friday, 30 November 2012

H1N1 datang lagi!

8.52am  : Oh my, our office jst received a phone call informing that one of our colleague has infected H1N1 virus. And it's confirmed. A bit chaos in the office now, I can heard my boss nearby me making a phone call to various parties to alert about this.

Syukur that I did not directly contact with her, so chances for me getting infected is 0.01%.

9.47am : Staff who sitting in front of her also confirmed infected H1N1


  1. I'm so worried to hear this news..huhu nauzubillah, mudah2an dijauhkan..smg ur colleague cpt sembuh

  2. Heard from a colleagues that H1N1 is back as well. So true la nie. Hope she/he will get well soon!

  3. H1N1 is back but do not panick coz now dah ada influenza vaccine. The patient who diagnosed H1N1 now not require to quarantine coz dh ade medication. So far no bad news.