Monday, 13 August 2012

3/4 of Ramadhan, I am so blessed

Today is 19th Ramadhan and it's almost to Syawal. Nothing much about raya's preparation. This is my 2nd year Ramadhan as a wifey and a 1st year Ramadhan being so called 'wife-must-cook-at-home'. Most of the time I cooked for breakfasting dishes and we are not so fond of Bazaar Ramadhan. But we went there just to buy air soya or roti john if we were breakfast at in law's house.
Ramadhan is a blessing month hence I took this opportunity making a doa of what I want. Ustaz did mentioned  that Allah will grant whatever your doa during Ramadhan just before breaking fast time. And so, from the 1st Ramadhan I never missed doa before buka and pray hard that Allah will shower us rezeki by granting me a new job. And yes Allah is very kind to me that He makbulkan my doa. Alhamdulillah. I got a new job during Ramadhan and morever the working place only 15 minutes distance from my house. I am so blessed. Totally blessed. And now I can resume  to pay the debts, housing loan la, hire purchase la, credit card la, ptptn la, gosh...byk nye hutang aku.. But Im expecting something this coming November. My hire purchased loan will be settled in Nov. Really looking forward to it so that I can take a deep breath then.
Up to  5th working day now (since this post already drafted), I love my work at this moment. Not much work actualy. Maybe after raya the real work will come and I had pyhsically and mentally prepared for that. Now if require to stay back up to 8.30 or 9 pm, I have no issue. Dekat maa...15 minutes sudah sampai rumah ma...

Am so blessed.
Thanks dear Allah

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