Saturday, 27 October 2012

Washed eggs

Everytime I came back from tesco, this is what I do, wash the eggs before I store it. My mom always told me that to wash it first before use it into cooking or baking. Am totally agree to wash it first as I aware they were sometimes ada chic's poo poo. The interesting about my mom is that she don't eat roti john and murtabak frm pasar mlm becoz she really doubt and skeptical whether the eggs been used basuh or tidak. There goes my awesome mom and mil. And of coz am gonna inherit tht awesomeness yo. *but still i eat roti john n murtabak**

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1 comment:

  1. yup. saya pun basuh dulu. Pernah tengok TV, tanyalah Ustaz, memang disyorkan basuh telur dulu pasal kita tak tau najis2 yang maish melekat pada telur.

    dan ya, ibu saya pun tak makan roti john dan murtabak kat kedai diatas sebab yang sama :)