Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend Activities

A quick update :

6/10/2012, Saturday

One of my uni mate’s baby shower event happened on last Saturday. Couldn’t make it as
it was held at Ipoh and at the same time I have to attend cousin’s wedding at Putrajaya. Best wishes to my friend and hopefully baby selamat dikeluarkan secara normal dan sihat hendaknya.I feel bad actually for not being there celebrate together with BFFs. To ease the situation, I ordered diapers cake for her =). Only 1 tier d.c I can afford. (There’s a misunderstanding, I tot I ordered 2 tier, rupenye 1 tier)

6/10 & 7/10 Saturday Sunday

 Cousin’s wedding at Putrajaya and the akad nikah ceremony done at the bride’s residence at Kota Warisan. We actually are working at the same place under one roof but different building lah.Since I’m a new comer so he is a senior to me even though he is younger than me. As I remembered we bumped twice at the café, but I just smile without saying anything. Congratulation to bride and the groom. The bride is so beautiful, she smiled at all times precisely she looks stunning. I’m so fond of her dress.

Dalam banyak2 hantaran, the cupcake arrangement paling i suka. simple yet classy!

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