Monday, 12 November 2012

3 Magic words

3 magic word? What will you think?

Yes it is..I also think ‘I love you’

If you have a partner says it often, especially if you are married couple. These word extremely a magic potion that’s made relationship everlasting. I know there are plenty of technics to stay happy and longer with your partner, but the simplest and easiest way in this world is to say I love you. Do you practice it? I did. Coz now I have a principle to live in positive vibes. Therefore a simple one is to say I love you to my partner. Always. Lifestyle changed from 80s’, 90’s and so on. Because of the technology, our lifestyle changed so do relationship. I don’t want to elaborate more about technology but I believe due to technology, our communication to each other changed. Communication skill with our partner is so important which determine the level of successful of one relationship. One of my communication skills is that by saying I love you. Every time ending up a phone conversation with my hubby, he shall say I love u or vice versa. Every time I ask his assistance I shall say thank you followed by I love u. But being typical Malay, I still ashamed saying it in public. Hehe. See how the situation la, sometime I lower down my voice to reply his love..hehe. I know been 2 years married has no right to evaluate one’s relationship but to me I’ve learn lesson from surrounds me. Sample cases; after having 1 kid, a loving couple changed to a moody couple. Where does it wrong?
To me, no matter how you and your partner collide, your love to your partner will not fade more over it will strengthen up your relationship if you practice a correct communication. If any one of you disagrees with me, plz apologize me and share with me. Let’s do research on this along our life journey. I’ve made my routine to say I love u to my husband and promise that shall continuously say it till we enter into grandpa and grandma’s world.
If you have a kid, says it often too, coz in this millennium era, the challenges to raise a kid is thrice burden compare to 50 years back. Do you notice our granny’s era; the average of having number of kids was like 5 to 7. Now raising 2 kids is like a big time headache. Well to reduce the headache is to say I love you to the kids. By saying I love you; I think we manage to control their hyper activeness plus they are able to follow our order / instruction. I know I don’t have any kids yet but I practice this to my niece and nephew. My niece is 6 years old and she such a sweetie girly type gal and easily follows my order. I used to baby sit her since she was 5 old months when her mother sometimes off to work for night shift. I started saying I love you to her since she was 4-5 years old. I can feel the effectiveness of the 3 magic words as she is now capable to know what is good, what is wrong and what is to avoid. She’s such a good girl. Unlike my nephew, he stays with pengasuh belakang rumah my mom since he was 1 year old if not mistaken due to my sis’s maid went back to her country for good. So I’m not sure how the baby sitter taking care of him but when I say ‘I love you’ to him, he seems like no response or refuse to respond. But I won’t give up saying I love u as I believe this 3 magic word can shape a good personality to my nephew. I want to practice this in my family. I admit my parents didn’t do this to me so end up me being introvert. So let me be the turning point to start doing this with my hubby, my niece and my nephew

Have you heard songs by Celine Dion title ‘I love you’? I like it much!
Jiwang kan saya..sometimes la..sometime I can be hardcore too =)

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