Thursday, 1 November 2012

Lovely Wednesday : Hubby and wifey day

A normal working day as usual. When I reached home, first thing first I did was prepare the dinner. About 7 oclock  I started prepare the ingrediants. The menu is 'Nasik Goreng'  or 'nasik goreng hujan lebat' sempena masak dalam keadaan hujan lebat. I tell you my nasik goreng taste so goood..Serious..hehe Even mr husband also like it so much. 'sedapnya' sedapnya'... Ok now I dah master in cooking nasik goreng. Am done with the cooking around 7.45pm. Then I get my shower followed by solat magrib.

Then dinner at 8.10pm...
Now I feel like special sikit, coz I cooked, then we ate together..(note : I rarely cook during working days) We really enjoyed nasik goreng hujan lebat. Both tambah.But then there were leftover and we decided to kept in refrigerator and reheat at the next morning. Selesai dinner, I tot I want to solat Isyak awal sikit. Lepas amik wuduk, suddenly hubby asked nak sembahyang dulu ke or nak sembahyang sama2? Of coz I want to solat2 sama2....Then I tunggu dia amik sembahyang, we solat together...This is rarely happened, but atleast we practised solat berjemaah. I think maybe this time masuk 2 kali kot solat jemaah sama2 in our new house.
Feeling calm, soothing, relax and happy wife. After that, I had manicure and pedicure session with mr husband. Gosh, what a nice day I had. I just huluq je kaki then mr husband potong kuku kakiku yg panjang ni. Finished with toenails, huluq pulak fingernails.

There goes my lovely Wednesday nite. Malam ni tak masak. coz we'll be at Mil house and shall overnight there.


  1. Bestnye wednesday u, so romantic! ;)

  2. wani, biase2 je..yg best sbb solat sama2..

    Anyway apologize me if I ter show off to whom ever yg read my blog tot that I ni showing off(solat sama2 pun nak cite ke)just incase. I just want to share my life, my thought and my journey.

  3. Nothing to show off pun. :D. Sweet!
    * Kalau ada yg rasa u show off pun, let me answer them back. "Who cares?" Hahaha.