Monday, 12 November 2012

A sad story

Last Friday, I joined women health talk on breast and cervical cancer at my work place. Fyi, I’m aware much that this is a critical disease to women in Malaysia and that’s why attended this health talk. Plus I’m a married woman and there’s a risk I might get this illness. During the talk given by Dr Dalilah Kamaruddin from the National cancer Society Malaysia, she shared one true story of her patient to us. This patient was diagnosed with breast cancer at the aged of 25.She has 2 boys, eldest 5 years and youngest 5 months. (Disclaimer: mybe about the age not correctly accurate coz Doc also pun mcm ingt2 lupe, and that time I lupe nk take note) She managed survived at 3 times. (Take out-kimo, takeout-kimo and all that) The worst thing is that her mil did not fully understand about breast cancer. Her mil assumed that breast cancer is a contagious disease. What the mil done was tht she asked the kids do not kiss their mom and during preparing the foods, the mil put aside her foods (patient) separately from the family’s food. Takut berjangkit kononnya. Now the evil part, the mil asked the husband to divorce her. ‘Takde faedah bela biawak hidup ni’, begitulah perumpamaan evil kan..

But the good thing, the husband very very very positive….He take cares and treats of his wife so nicely. When the wife get bald, he and the kids balded their head to show their support to his wife. So sweet kan. Even the husband cooked for his wife. (I realized my tears welling, suddenly I was imagine can my husband be like that too? can he be supportive if I get breast cancer? Can he actually be by my side? Those questions make my tears dropped)

One day, the Doc came to her house make a visit. Coincidently her husband was cooking preparing the lunch. The doc noticed her husband cooking while smoking. As a conclusion, the husband quite a heavy smoker due to stress of life. So after a week, the dr gets news that she passed away. The sad story not ends here. Within the same year, the husband also passed away due to lung cancer. Kesian kan anak2 dia..Doc Dalilah pass a message to us that when passive smoker who inhale the smokes from active smoker might die fast. So in that case, the smokes in the house also contributed of her loss despite ajal maut jodoh sudah tertulis. My husband is a smoker too. I firmly ask him don’t ever smoke in front of me, and if wants to smoke, don’t let the smokes gets inside the house. Fyi, the smokes itself contained many many racun I would say. When we inhale, it is equivalent we eat nicotine, tar, arsenic..etc etc etc…

Dr Dalilah also highlighted that cancerous tidak mengenal umur, bangsa dan jantina. Ok part jantina tu mybe tak. But why statistic shows Chinese races are the high number than others races? Even we Malays are the majority in this country. You know why? Not because of their bad lifestyle but because of the awareness among themselves. They do regularly check-up and concern about their healthy. We Malay are fear to see doctor and fear to get the news if were diagnosed breast cancer or cervical cancer. Until at the chronic stage, then only we will seek remedy from doctors. I personally aware of this critical illness, I once anxious about my pain at my breast and that point of time I’m not married yet. I urged the doc to refer me to specialist coz at least it’s not too late to do the treatment. After the scanning and all that nothing was found such cyst and lump and dr said everything ok and healthy. It just that I’m too stress and anxious.

So come on frens, let’s do checkup regularly. Let’s put awareness in ourselves to prevent it coz there is no early warning until we make a move first.

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