Monday, 24 December 2012

Project : Let's Read and Explore

I have a small project with my friend ‘M’. Precisely, she initiated first and we execute together. Not me and her, but also involved some of her friends and my friends as well.

A project called ‘Let’s Read and Explore’.

We managed to collect some money from our kind-hearted friends and the total sum was RM330
From the donation, we bought plenty of books at BBW sales to donate to Rumah Bakti Al Kausar located at fasa 4 tambahan Bangi.

Our purpose is that to encourage them to read English books so that they can write and speak well in English later on.  The books that we had for them were story books, exercise books, references, travel, animal books, etc etc.We really hope that they‘ll get inspired when reading those books to achieve their dreams. InshaAllah.

We’ll plan to give the books on 1st January 2013. I pray that everything will run smoothly on that day. Amin.

* There was one colleague at my office not agree with what we are doing now. She'd sceptical whether the children going to read the books or not. In my opinion, atleast this is a small effort that we can do rather than not doing anything. This is the time we encourage them to read from small. If we didn't encourage frm beginning, then your theory is correct. They forever don't like to read. Hence no contribution from her.


  1. it's all about the effort :) kudos to you guys!!

  2. Congrats and kudos to you guys. Don't be so skeptical whether the kids are going to read those or not. First and foremost, the effort of giving. Itu yang penting. Old quotes stated "kalau takder tangan yang memberi, takder la yang menerima" and "tangan yang memberi tue kan lebih mulia dari tangan yang menerima". InsyaAllah. Budi baik di balas baik.

    Check out my entry. It's about giving as well. What a coincidence.