Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pusing kepalaku dibuatnya

We realized the petrol price is going to increase soon and we can’t tolerate if we still using our existing car. That car dah old enough even though the performance is still good. It just that the money we spent on the petrol is not worth it. During petrol murah ok la, now petrol 97 naik harge mcm haremmm..(my fren suke buat statement mcm ni) terpakse downgrade to petrol 95. Petrol 95 pun still mahal jugak rm1.90 seliter, just imagine kalu rm10 isi bole muat botol mineral yg besar tu je. Dulu…okla tak payah cite pasal dulu. Semua tahu dulu petrol murah. Now duit keluar mcm air bila nak beli minyak…So we decided to change our car which fuel friendly car. Perhaps a small cc. Now the problem came in. I like that car, he dislike that car. I want Japan technology he wants German technology. Now hybrid technology is widely introduced in the market, so he changed his mind to opt for hybrid car. Ok, for that I agree, but he chooses the small one. I wanted a bigger one. I was just thinking maybe one day we have kids; we need a spacious car right? To accommodate baby’s stuff i.e stroller, need to emphasize that. Unfortunately for bigger we couldn’t afford at the moment. Unless we menabung dulu like 20% down payment, then I think we can afford for the monthly installment
As a typical lady, my concern to the interior and exterior design. Not even bother others specification. (Hehe typical me kan) While hubby’s concern more to safety features and engine spec. To me 2 airbags ok dah. But hubby prefer side airbag pun kene ade. When there was a dispute, I tend not to talk or response when comes to vehicle matter.
A sign of being rebellious to him. (That’s not good ok)
Local car? For 7 years I’ve been using a national car, Proton and Perodua. Local car is good. Cheaper price
Sometimes bila fikir masak masak, the value of small cc imported car actually equivalent with big cc local car. Actually local ok, but sometimes ade la suara2 sumbang ckp local car mcm tin milo,kalu accident berkecai habes..hmm…biarloh ape org nk kate, but I’m proud Malaysia ada kerete buatan sendiri. Since dah pernah pakai local car, kasi chance la i nk pakai imported car kan. Nak merasa jugak..huhu..tpi ni fening fening, tak tahu yg mana satu idaman kalbu.

Test Drive, Checked

Test Drive, Checked!

Looking forward to test drive hybrid...

Yg ni belum test drive lagi. Untungnye jual buku ni, bole pakai kete KUDA

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  1. Untungla jual buku leh pakai keta kuda - I LIKE! Hahaha. Both of us (me and hubby) had the same plan as urs as well. Both of us are using local car, his (proton) and mine (perodua). So, its time la kot to change a new one. In the process of trade in and bank loan application. Hope everything went out well.

    1. Yaaaayyy...bestnya dapat pakai kereta baru..U know what , actualy i like the smell of new car..bau baru , best...hope the process won't take long.

      We are still looking and study the pros and cons of every type of cars. Hopefully by 2013 we can get one.

    2. You definitely have to study the pros and cons kot since i tengok both pix yang you dah test drive. Mak aih! :D. We opt for the cheapest Japan Technology. The typical one. :D Just nice to fit both of us and lil junior (in the future). I like the smell of new car jugak! Best lar!